colour your monday happy...

with a few of my favourites inspired by 'fading beauty', i hope you like them too... :)

~ image credits : 1. ilovepeggy, 2. one flew over, 3. knitalatte11, 4. ethanollie, 5. lobster and swan ~

good afternoon my lovelies! i'm running a wee bit late with my post today due to a 'flaky' internet connection this morning. not sure what was causing it but everything seems okay just now, fingers crossed it will stay that way... !
anyway, i do hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying this wee collection of pretty pics from 'all colours in'? as i said, these are a few of my personal favourites today and i love how they all, in their own way, seem to illustrate a feeling of 'faded beauty'. whether it's a beautiful vintage find, faded and sun bleached pastels or the colourful cycle of nature ~ all so inspirational!

wishing you all 'flaky internet connection' free Monday... ;)


  1. beauty does fade in you show how charming that is....

  2. oh, "fading beauty" is the perfect title for these photos!

  3. Thanks for including my little crss stitch find! All for the princely sum of $1 x

  4. Hi, I just came across your Pinterest board... really enjoyed your surface patterns one especially.

    I always think Hydrangeas look more beautiful when they're on the way out...


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