colour pinning : blossom & balloons

Today I'm loving a wee bit of random inspiration from two beautiful images I recently pinned. I just love the saturated colours and how they ooze summery loveliness...

colour pinning : blossom & balloons - curated by Emma Lamb


  1. What a beautiful pictures! The bottom one is almost like magic, love the colours and the light!

    Have a lovely day!


  2. You always find the prettiest photos, Emma! Love the one with flowers and florals :)

  3. You're so right, these photos are dripping with "summery loveliness." Great segway to a beautiful day!

  4. hey there.
    i wanted to quickly introduce myself. i've found your blog recently and have been inspired by your crochet pieces, particularly the pillows! so i'm doing some of my own now :)
    i'm trying to figure out how you attach the buttons. i guess i'll figure that as I go. I'm doing one big granny square for the fronts and i'm not sure yet about the backs.
    thank you for your wonderful blog and inspiration! ~niki in AZ USA


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