thing's I'm loving : macaroons and roses

today I'm loving : macaroons and roses - curated by Emma Lamb
Top: philosophia*, bottom: Posy!

Some random inspiration from my Flickr favourites today - Posy's sofa has been one of my most favourite images for as long as I can remember! Although it's not a style I practice in my own home, I much prefer a more visually quiet look, I do find it endlessly inspiring. The colour and pattern, texture and warmth, the vintage and handmade. Just lovely! Oh, and who doesn't love a wonderful pic (as well as a boxful!) of those delicately coloured and flavoured macarons!?

A happy Wednesday to you all,
Emma, x

edited to add: I have just received the sweetest e-mail form none other than lovely Posy herself, yes the real owner of that endlessly inspiring sofa arrangement and photo above. I am hanging my head in shame because, until she introduced them to me just now, I had not discovered her fabulous granny chic blog and flickr photostream! What's more, Posy is also an avid crocheter and this afternoon I am finding myself lusting after her colourful vintage hook collection! I'm feeling a wee bit jealous to say the least with only three in my own collection... *sigh*

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  1. Miss Posy has a very lovely sofa indeed. I am a big fan of crochected blankets and flowers.

  2. Ohmigosh, you didn't know about her blog?! It's so wonderful, it makes me want to cover my walls in flowers and lace! ...sort of the same feeling I get from your blog, actually! ;)

  3. Her blog is lovely isn't it! I think today is a very good day for macaroons and flowers!

  4. Sorry can't get past the photo of macaroons. Mmm, gorgeous!


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