crochet crush : Sophie Digard at Selvedge Drygoods

Good morning all, ooops! It's just past twelve so I should be saying good afternoon... ;)

I'm running a wee bit late today thanks to a huge pile of paperwork that needs doing, but not to worry it does get better this afternoon as I need to do a wee stock take on my yarn stash. Hopefully it will show me just how much yarn I don't have and how much I should go out and buy asap! However, it is more likely that my yarn 'situation' will be quite the opposite... *sigh*

Anyhoo, today I'd like to share with you something very cute and quirky. Have you seen these wonderful brooches by Sophie Digard? I stumbled upon them a few days ago in the Selvedge drygoods online shop and haven't been able to stop thinking about them!

crochet brooches by Sophie Digard at Selvedge Drygoods
I haven't been able to find out much about them but they do look like they could have been inspired by children's drawings. They have such a wonderful naive charm about them both in their shape and colouring. Remember this wee zebra from last weeks Monday post?
I think my favourite has to be the wee zebra (first one) with his colourful velvet and crochet stripe combo. Or possibly the lion (last one) with his velvety mane. Oh, it's too tough to choose!

Emma, x

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  1. These whimsical animals are also so witty! Sophie D is a very, very creative lady. Her sense of playfulness and crochet/knit skills show up in everything she makes.

    Best of luck to you with that paperwork! Hoping you will be able to buy more yarn soon. Cheers!

  2. I too am a huge fan of Sophie Digard.
    The horse, to me is magnificent.
    Thanks for the post. I can start my day with a smile.

  3. Another Sophie Digard fan here. She always does magnificent work. Thanks for the spotlight!

  4. I love her work too - off to have a look at the Selvedge site!

  5. oh...fabuloso post.!! so so lovely!!!

  6. I LOVE Sophie Digard. Although I own many scarves I cannot tear myself away from alternating my 3 SD's but I have my favourite which seems to go with everything. These brooches are amazing. Have you seen the baby range? and the flower brooches? oh so exquisite! so perfect! yes, I'm a fan to say the least.

  7. must. remember. to. visit. Emma's. blog! :) Sheesh...I have missed so many darling things over here! Must catch up & starting with these incredible pins! them hun!

  8. hi there- I'm not quite sure how I landed on your blog, with my early morning cuppa, but I just SO love it!
    The brooches are divine, I'm just on my way to investigate further.

    So much for much for chores.
    Think I'll pour another cup :))

  9. These are wonderful crochet creatures!

  10. I agree, hope your summer have been nice!

  11. I had never even heard of Selvedge, much less Sophie Digard. WOW! What talent there! Thanks for the intro!


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