colour your monday happy...

with all things bright and beautiful... !

~ contentedsparrow ~

i so enjoyed Friday's punch of rich colour that i couldn't help myself when picking out today's bright and beautiful collection of eye candy from 'all colours in'... :)
i'm loving the mix of saturated pinks and oranges with those lovely aqua blues, as well as the combination of the florals and subtle stripes... and how cute is this wee rescued birdy!?
but above all of that i just want to dive straight into The Quince Tree's very yummy yarn stash and play with all those wonderful colours! speaking of yarn, my weekend yarn shopping excursion went exactly as predicted... no new yarn to speak of but oh so many new ideas whirring around my head! one or two of which are already being realised and i'm so itching to get back to them just now... :)

wishing you all a bright and beautiful Monday!

ps ~ is anyone else using the new blog post editor in blogger? if you are, please do tell me it is driving you nuts too! seriously, not only do images suddenly seems to have a life of their own and won't sit still but it also seems to generate so much random and unnecessary code in the background... arrgh! maybe if i knew a wee bit more about html i might be able to cope, but as i don't have the time to learn just now it's back to the reliable old editor for me! oh, it feels so good to have a wee rant about it, thank you for indulging me... ;)


  1. Gorgeous colours and just what needed to brighten up this Monday morning.

    I, too, gave up on the new post editor. I do know html but I was spending more time fixing and playing with it when I should be sewing! So like you, I am back to the old one.

  2. oh miss threads! thank you for sharing blog editor frustrations, so pleased to hear it's not just me... ;)

  3. Lovely, lovely joyous colour - thank you Emma - I needed that! :0) P.S. That birdy is so sweet!

  4. Ooh, thank you so much for including my pic!


  5. Yes, I've had photo issues with the new editor. They seem to have a life of their own, it's terribly frustrating!

    Love the top photo, those colours make me happy.

  6. oh thank you Elizabeth!
    the photos really do have a life of their own and do the most unpredictable things when you try to alter any of their settings! incredibly frustrating ~ i think i wasted half an hour this morning before giving up altogether and going back to the old version... :)

  7. just the thing for a Monday morning...specially when I am a little down. Rant on all you like, makes me feel I'm not the only one who has computer problems. Don't know if I have the new editor or not, but last nights blog took me more than 1/2 hour as photos kept 'disappearing' Grrrr

  8. Thanks for brightening up my Monday. Enjoy a beautiful week!

  9. What happy bright saturated colors! Love the look of red pepper's quilt!

  10. yes, blogger always drives me nuts! i don't like how when you comment on a blog you have to keep submitting. what's up with that???

  11. I'm into muted and neutral colours right now, but bright and bold once in a while is really refreshing...

  12. Thanks for brightening my week with your posts. Have a good week.


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