colour your monday happy...

with some gorgeous vintage finds and inspired colour palettes, enjoy... :)

~ image credits top to bottom : 1. petits d├ętails, 2. dottie angel, 3. Trisha Brink design, 4. Laura Amiss, 5. bedside diagnosis ~

good morning my dears! i hope you all had a fab weekend!?
mine was very quiet... apart from walking the dog and replenishing the chocolate supplies i spent most of it crocheting while watching films*, drinking hot cups of tea and probably eating far too much of said chocolate ~ i've found a new favourite, Divine fair trade bars... very yummy! i've only tried their 70% and raspberry varieties so far, but the rest are on my 'must try chocolate list'... ;)

wishing you all the most fabulous day and remember to drop by 'all colours in' if you would like to share your pretty colourful pictures... :)

* Team America, Over the hedge, Nanny McPhee (first one), The Book of Eli (twice!), Underworld (first one) and we also picked up a copy of I Am Legend but ran out of time to watch it too... :)


  1. I have still never seen the Nanny mcphee movies yet they look so cute,
    love your photos!!!

  2. oh goodness . this is such a lovely group of softness . elk

  3. beautiful colors !
    Love this mood !

    Happy monday with romantic colors !

  4. I am Legend is a terrible film - pretty disappointing ending. Sounds good though - mmmm chocolate. x

  5. I love it all! 'Tis very inspiring!

  6. Ahhhh how gorgeous are the cards, well all of the pic's! What a fab time you must've had, munching chocolate, sipping tea and watching Nanny Mcphee, adorable. 2nd one is super's too! X


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