colour your monday happy...

with a subtle hint of a new season being just around the corner... :)

~ image credits : isabellepobelle, lobster and swan, SteffenTuck, tiel*sk, virginia-blue ~

good morning! i trust you all had a fabulous weekend... ?

we were treated to two bonus days of fabulous summer heat here in Edinburgh ~ yay! ~ and what better way to spend it than soaking up some of the wonderful festival atmosphere in the city centre!? i did remember to take my camera with me yesterday (completely forgot on Saturday!) so you can expect some of those pics later in the week... ;)
that is after i've sorted out my wee studio, which seems to have got into a good working mess again but to the point where it feels like i have no space to think... you know how it is!
i also really need to clear my 'photographing spot' so that by the end of the week i can introduce you to a few new ladies who are waiting in the wings... :)

so much to do, so i had best get going and make a start... !
wishing you all a lovely Monday... :)

ps ~ remember to drop by 'all colours in' and if you have any pretty pictures to add we would love to see them... :)


  1. Hi Emma!
    Just found out about this "colour your monday happy" idea and love it ( I am a bit late, as usual in discovering...)
    I will try that, too from time to time!
    Happy sorting out your workspace. I always so like the finished results! I am trying to put my things in order here but I progress slowly somehow - so many cute and inspirational things in/on the way...
    Have a nice week!

  2. Such lovely pictures, the colours are just perfect! Love the vintage painting!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Gorgeous colours. I love the warm glow of oranges, reds and browns. Can't wait to see your photos of Edinburgh in a sunny, festival mood.

  4. I'm with you on the work space clean up, much needed after the last frenzied make fest.

    I love the retro turquoise in the last post!

  5. I needed this Emma.... Love the floral and leaf plates. Thanks again.

  6. oh dolly,
    these are some rather fancy snapshots!
    i enjoy gazing lovingly upon them!
    thanks for sharing!
    your blog is splendid! x x

  7. Ionwen Charlesworth26 August 2010 at 00:45

    Ahhhhh such beauty. Thanks soo much, makes me feel all warm n cosy! Love your blog, such inspiration. Ta very muchly again. X


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