etsy favourites : air plant pods

The delicate leaves and beautiful simplicity of air plants. Air plants are cool. Fact!

I'm completely in love with the new trend for air plants displayed in simpleand beautiful vessels | Emma Lamb
Links: 1. Darrielle's Clay Art, 2. terradctl, 3. LBRANDTerraria, 4. mudpuppy, 5. Tortoise Loves Donkey, 6. to hold

I love these wee terradctl terrarium kits and think they would make a fab house warming or new office gift. Not just because they look so pretty, but also because even the least green fingered person in the world could keep one alive... surely!?

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love these stunningly beautiful hanging air plant pods from mudpuppy! ever since the incredibly talented Michael listed these in his Etsy shop I've been lusting after them. As fab as they look hanging individually like that, I can't help imagining half a dozen or more of them hanging together in the centre of my living room window.

Last but not least, this perfectly minute mid-century inspired pod will up your air plants street cred no end! As if an air plant could get any cooler!?

Mme thinks I may need a lie down after all this air plant excitement, phew!
Emma, x

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  1. Ohhh I'm in love with those too!

  2. so spanish : Clavel de aire (la mas bella de las flores...)

  3. They're gorgeous Emma. Nice find :) Kx

  4. Love air plants, haven't seen any in years! lovely post ;0

  5. I have an air plant/Tillandsia (her name is Tilly), but I don't have a hanging air plant pod. Nifty. They look like octopuses.


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