blog crush : Horse by Cassia Beck

Good morning!
Today I'm feeling very perky and happy. Partly because for the first time in a wee while my 'to do' list doesn't look so epic and with the exception of one or two I seem to be on top of my messages too, yay! Of course I know this won't last too long, but just now I'm enjoying the moment.

I'm also in such a good mood because I've been looking at yet more wonderful eye candy from the incredibly talented photographer and collage artist, Cassia Beck! I'm sure you have all heard of Cassia and are already aware of her sublime nostalgic style? I know I have included her inspirational work in my Monday and Friday posts many times already! But today I want to share with you some snippets of a brand new 'year' project she has embarked on called 'Horse'. The goal she has set herself is to take a daily photograph of a toy horse she played with as a child. To find out more please do check out the blog Cassia has set up to support this project.

Horse by Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb
All images: Cassia Beck

If you love this 'Horse' project then I urge you to check out the rest of Cassia's work which you can find in her Etsy shops: Cassia Beck, Lola's Room and Violet May

Wishing you all a day that is as sweet as Cassia's photography!
Emma, x

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  1. Thank you lovely Emma!
    I am so pleased to be featured on your blog, thank you very much for giving Horse a mention! x

  2. Have you ever read "The Indian in the Cupboard" book? This is exactly what I would imagine his horse would've looked like! I love it!

  3. Cassia ~ i'm so pleased you like my wee post... :)

    Thirty-Six Ten ~ i haven't read the book or even seen the film that Google assures me exists... must remedy this some day! thank you for letting me know... :)

    emma x


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