colour your monday happy...

with 'snippets' of summery colours... :)

~ three red apples ~

~ nanaCompany ~

~ dottie angel ~

~ wood & wool stool ~

~ trisha brink design ~

i love 'snippets' of colour, that 'less is more' approach to adding colourful details to an otherwise blank canvas, or possibly even a white zebra ~ seriously, how cute is this wee fella... !? how wonderful would it be to see the world through a six year old's eyes, especially if that world were full of rainbow striped zebras... !?
at the very least we could arrange our bookshelves with some pretty colour co-ordination as the lovely Ingrid has done... seems like the perfect way to spend yet another rainy afternoon... :)

wishing you all a colourful Monday!


  1. i agree emma, so cute and cheery! have a great week!

  2. this was just the right dose of smile ware that I needed emma! I love it all...

    thanks for sharing!

    rainbow stripped zebras.....that would be something!


    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. very nice-i love the zebra too :)

  4. your images are beautiful. love the color against the white background.

  5. just beautiful!! everything! love =)


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