some granny chic goodnes...

it's been a while since i've featured any pretty pictures from our 'granny chic' pool over on Flickr, which is a wee bit naughty of me since there seems to be a never ending supply of gorgeous imagery submitted on a daily basis!
so today i thought i would remedy the situation with a selection of some of my favourite 'granny chic' spaces that just ooze laid back comfort with that signature vintage girlie appeal...
enjoy... :)

~ svankatwijk ~

~ dottie angel ~

~ melissann ~

~ ted and agnes ~

~ folly and glee ~

~ heylucy ~

( did you notice all the pretty pillows again!? )



  1. All so gorgeous, I just want to dive right in to each picture!!

  2. love love love all these pictures!!! going to check the flickr pool right now!

  3. they are all lovely!
    Inspiring photos :)

  4. what beautiful photos. thanks for sharing :)

  5. Ooh la la! I especially love the amazing pillow in the top photo!

  6. I love them all how could you ever choose!!!

  7. I love Granny chic, thanks for sharing these inspiring photos.

  8. I always find it very strange to meet somebody that did not grow up with things like this. My Granny crocheted and quilted and our home was filled with the things she made. We had doilies everywhere and embroidered pillowcases. If a flat surface could have something on it, it did. My mom used real table-cloths and our favorite frontroom pillow was a patchwork frog that our neighbor *Tillie* made for us.

  9. Wow - thanks Emma for including my corner. The seat cover is an old blanket, the lampshade is made from old faded curtains, the cushion was my nan's and the table was recued from the tip for 50p ....but I love em.x

  10. amazing! Such lovely lovely stuff. That blue telephone is incredible

  11. Oh my, these are just wonderful!


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