colour your monday happy...

with piles of pretty pillows from some incredibly talented crafters and designers... because lets face it, who doesn't love the odd pillow... or two... or ten!?

~ dottie angel ~

~ lola nova ~

~ skinny laminx ~

~ nest decorating ~

~ vintage fern ~

i do hope you all had the most wonderful weekend!?
it has been perfect wall to wall summery-ness here with barely any computer time at all, which has been quite freeing and refreshing! today is looking very promising too and instead of feeling all energised and ready to tackle the working week head on... i can't help myself looking out the window and thinking that maybe the weekend should last just a wee bit longer! i think i shall grab my most favourite pretty pillow, a glass of something refreshing with lots of ice, the wee man and take ourselves outside for a lazy sunny morning... :)
maybe then i will possibly contemplate thinking about maybe doing a wee bit of work... !

or not... ;)

wishing every one of you the pile of pillows you've always dreamed of... !


  1. I love pillows and have too many scattered throughout my home. I love that last patchwork one - beautiful!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. very pretty fresh blog today<, Emma. Except that I misread (its only 8.15am) and saw 'colour your Money happy' .....

  3. I love all of those pillows and Lola Nova's are amazing...thanks

  4. Oh, I loooove these!! Especially the first photo- you can never EVER have too many pillows!

  5. I am pillow-inspired! Thank you. :)

  6. this is one of my favourite blogs when it comes to patchwork pillows: check her out!

  7. OH this post is such a tonic! t.xx


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