colour your monday happy...

true 'all colours in...' style... :)

~ lutterlakage ~

~ Trisha Brink Design ~

~ Red Pepper Quilts ~

~ ArtMind etcetera ~

~ sweetjessie ~

what a fabulous riot of colour to kick start our Monday mornings!
exactly what i need to get me energised and excited about the huge amount of work i have on my to do list this week. if all goes to plan i should have a few custom orders complete and winging their way to their new homes by the weekend. then i can turn my attention to a few new ones as well as the shelves of my wee shop which are looking a wee bit neglected at the moment... :(
i promise that as soon as i can i'll show you pictures of the things i've been working on, as i too have realised that there has been a distinct lack of crocheted lovelies around here lately!

a fabulously colourful day to you all...


  1. ooooo emma, you've outdone yourself this morning :) what a lovely burst of colour, just what i needed

    good luck with the to-do list!

    lots of love, linda :) x

  2. ¡¡¡Que colorido!!!Me encanta todo.Un besito

  3. Just beautiful Emma... I love visiting here and seeing all the vibrant colours you find. Especially loving Mitsy's colourful tiles and shoes :) Kx

  4. Fantastic like a beautiful summer day! Éva

  5. I adore the tile how cool are they!!!

  6. I love those flower lights! I want one in my house! Or a whole row of them above the window, lining a cute!

  7. Lovely! What a cheerful way to start off the week!

  8. your monday posts always make me smile. i love the colors and the things you find.

  9. Very nice.............and have a nice day!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Just what I needed. It is positively arctic and grey here right now. I want to dive into that pile of pom poms.

  11. just love the photo of the retro hangers....reminds me of ones we used to have, way back in the "olden days" of my childhood...



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