Etsy favourites : suggested shop feature

Etsy's new 'suggested shops' feature - which does exactly what it says on the tin and suggests shops you might quite like based on your current Etsy faves, how perfect is that!? Seriously, it is so addictive that it has been instantly added to my 'things I must do before I even consider getting dressed in the morning' list!

This is just a small selection of the lovelies I found this morning...

Etsy favourites : suggested shop feature | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: count numbers screen print by bold & noble | wall clock from fabulous mess | more rain please by mummysam | vintage charms bracelet by marie fly fly | cake stand by vessels and wares

Now I'm off to batten down the hatches, close the curtains, turn off the radio and desperately try to stop the dog from barking as we have a most unwelcome guest - Mr Lurgy - knocking at the door. He's been such a pest lately and today I really don't want the thumping headache, sore throat or drippy nose he always seems to bring with him, humpf!

Wishing you all a much less lurgified day!
Emma, x

ps - One or two non US folks have been asking where they can pick up their own copies of Artful Blogging, as far as I know the best place is to order them directly from the publisher - Stampington & Company - where you can buy subscriptions, single issues and back issues. If anyone knows where you get 'off the shelf' copies, particularly in Europe, please do let us know. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that little nugget of information with us sweetie... it's a great new feature indeed! And I hope Mr Lurgy stays well and truly shut out! xx

  2. Oh yuk, I hope your all better very soon! LOVE those images especially the charm bracelet & doily coasters...

  3. Great finds Emma. I'm particularly loving the coasters and that divine rainy day doll :) Kx

  4. Thanks for sharing
    I love the cake stand specially.

    I am heading to Edinburgh very soon. If you can recommend some nice handmade / indie related shops / places to visit?


  5. Thanks for sharing that new feature! You can get Artful Blogging in the UK from Blade Rubber - it's in the online shop in the book section (not magazines).

    Hope that helps!


  6. Beautiful collection you found! I'll have to go try that new feature.

  7. Oh Emma.
    I too have only just found this treasure of an etsy place.
    I was lost for hours!!!
    So many lovely shops...

  8. oh you lovely ladies! you always reassure me and addictive etsy ways, i'm so pleased that you too lose hours and days pondering all the beautiful wares etsy has to offer... :)

    pebbledash ~ thanks for the link, they stock quite a few of the Stampington publications and their UK delivery look s very reasonable too ~ great... :)

    have a fabby day every one... !
    emma x

  9. I'm quite new here and I found Etsy just recently, so I'm still exploring it, but I already find it very addicting.
    Sorry for my english :)

  10. I have the exact clock but I also have the matching wall plaques. I love it!!


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