colour your monday happy...

with thoughts of summer picnics and yummy seasonal food...

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okay, so i'm a complete fool... !
hoping for picnic weather... on a bank holiday weekend... in Britain... !
ha... !
it was cold, it was windy and it was wet... :(

so this morning ~ with more rain forecast despite the clear blue sky that is out there just now! ~ i am having to content myself with these lovely 'picnic-y' looking pictures from 'all colours in...' and hope that next weekend will be better... :)

today i have lots of orders to pack up ready for shipping, which i'm really looking forward to as i love the 'ritual' of wrapping with pretty papers and ribbons. it is always so very therapeutic and a way for me to kinda say farewell to my ladies before they set off to start a new life in a lovely new home... :)

what are your plans for today? and did anyone, anywhere manage to get a picnic in this weekend? i do hope so... !


  1. Yum!! No bank holiday here in Greece today, but bloody hot and nothing much to do except melt on the couch. How predictable for it to rain there today! Have a lovely day wrapping your ladies none the less xox

  2. hello Emma!
    I am your newest follower...

    i read your article in the latest Artful Blogging magazine...and thought I'd come by and see you in person....'virtual person?' lol how you work in colours...i keep my posts harmonizing as well...with themes based on artful living, journaling, painting, collecting...crochet...etc...

    do come by and have a peek yourself. it might be fun getting to know you!

    enjoy your monday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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