colour your monday happy ~

~ with summery loveliness... :)

~ sewingobsessed ~

hello and good morning to you all, i hope you all had the most fabulous week while i was away!? thank you so much for all your lovely 'get well' wishes, i am feeling so much better and healthier after a good rest and a few days of glorious sunny weather ~ always good for the soul... :)
so yes! it has been beautiful here in the UK, so warm and wonderful ~ and this morning while browsing through all the lovely new submissions to 'all colours in...' this summery collection just seemed to speak to me and you can't argue with that! i do hope they are bringing you some warm summery vibes this morning too!?

wishing you all a wonderfully sunny day!


  1. Hi

    I've been one of those lurker people and not left a comment before. I think I just got carried away by your beautiful crochet and images and then off I went daydreaming. Glad you're feeling brighter and back in the world again showing us all some loveliness.

    Lisa x

  2. I love the roses in the barrow - beautiful colours. Inspiring as always...

    Glad you've had a good rest and are feeling refreshed. C x

  3. very pleased to hear you are feeling better. the sun certainly makes it easier doesn't it? only just getting the hang of all the wonderful things happening in blogland and flickr land and wanted to thank you very much for featuring my cushion back in April.

  4. what dreamy color combinations!!! love it!

  5. Glad to see you back on your feet hon! YOu were missed :)

  6. So glad to hear you are on the mend. These are lovely summery images indeed. Now could you be kind enough to send some of that sun my way?

  7. thank you all for your lovely comments today and welcoming me back to blogland with open arms... :)

    Lisa ~ thank you so much for delurking it is very lovely to meet you!

    Polly ~ you are ever so welcome, i absolutely love your shop and all your granny chic goodness... :)

    Lola Nova ~ i think the sun is on it's way as it's just started to rain here... :(

    many hugs to you all,
    emma x

  8. glorious! love the bubble. welcome summer :)

  9. Thanks for including my bubble photo.
    I can't imagine ever getting bored of blowing bubbles, which is a good thing as I have 3 children who find them magical.
    Glad to here your feeling better.

  10. emma my sweetie. i came by to see if mr lurgy had indeed packed his bags and left. i'm delighted to see he has and you are feeling so much better...

    and then dearie me! i clicked on your 'pininterest' button and lordy what a feast for the creative eye! i'm supposed to be folding laundry but have spent the past 10 minutes looking at all the lovelies you have 'pinned' :)
    you are always so good at finding wonderful images...
    thank you for brightening my laundry day :)

  11. oops, so i meant to say 'pinterest'... silly me, i was so carried away by the lovelies that i did a little mispelling :)

  12. Cute post! I don't know what it is about crocheted doilies but I love them! That top shot makes me want to go visit my grandmother for tea. Thanks!

  13. I love your happy Mondays! So beautiful and colorful and, well, just happy!!!

  14. the bubble is amazing it looks like a baby fetus is inside of it!


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