colour your monday happy...

...with a wee bit of dreamy vintage styling...

~ Holly☼ ~

~ lush bella ~

~ pretty life photography ~

~ T Does Wool ~

~ Favouritemoment ~

...oh how I wish I had a plate full of Holly's pretty wee cupcakes with their perfect 'granny knicker pink' coloured icing ~ ever so 'granny chic!' I've been noticing a few yummy cupcake pictures popping up around the blog-o-sphere lately, such as here and here. the more colourful and 'sugary' looking they are the more I want them! it's been such a long time since I've made cakes of any kind ~ carrot cake, banana bread, chocolate brownie cake or even the good old lemon drizzle ~ I really must try harder and set aside some quality cake time... ;) always, remember to pop on over to 'all colours in...' if you need to kick start your Monday morning with a burst of beautiful colour!

...before I go I must say a huge thank you to the 'jippety jappety happy' Mitsy, of ArtMind, for her wee post this morning... :)

...and lastly a huge Congratulations to my dear blogging buddy miss Leanda who tied the knot with her man this weekend ~ Congratulations my gorgeous friend!



  1. Somehow 'granny knicker pink' has a much lovelier ring to it than 'old man undies beige'...!

  2. how very true Tania ~ i don't think a cupcake topped with 'old man undies beige' icing is nearly so appealling... ;)
    emma x

  3. Hehe Tania! That's hilarious! :)
    Emma, looks like you're going very vintage too this week - perhaps I should take a break and send 'em over to your place this week.

    Want to thank you again for Stella! It's like my studio only now has come to life! :)

  4. Lovely post- so many perfect colours....that cupcake looks delicious and the quilt is beautiful! And am now craving toast....

  5. Lovely photos :) I want that cupcake!

  6. Hi Emma I've just been taking a look at your good news about 'Artful Blogging' how great is that. Your pretty pictures certainly deserve a place in there. I know I'm a bit behind with the news, having trouble keeping up with all the blogs, there's so much to read.

  7. Wow. I just opened my fresh off the press copy of Artful Blogging. You the first place I'm stopping. Any fellow crocheter is a friend of mine. Love your yummiel palette of color. Congrats on the article. Your photos are stunning. Stop by for some lemonade anytime. I'll be out in the garden.
    Kate-The Garden Bell

  8. my nan used to call it elasterplast pink and germolene pink..i once took atin of germolene to the paint shop and they matched it your blog too...lynnie

  9. So yummalicious! I just want to lick the icing on that cupcake!! I enjoyed your portion of Artful Blogging, it was so inspiring and so nice to see the fine crochet work.

  10. Comme je suis contente de découvrir un si joli blog.
    Ces couleurs fanés me ravissent*

  11. Just gorgeous Emma :) and Tania-babe, you cannot put finger to typepad without making me laugh out loud :)) Kx


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