spring inspired Anthropologie finds I'm loving right now

Spring inspired Anthropologie finds I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb

Things I'm loving today: the glorious sunshine, not having to wear a scarf or gloves, the blossom trees finally blossoming, some lovely ladies finding their way home again (I will start to list them in the shop just as soon as I can!) and the lovely springy Anthropologie home page! As well as these other lovelies from said lovely springy shop...

Spring inspired Anthropologie finds I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: door knob | bottle opener (oh how I would love this to replace the talking 'Homer Simpson' version we currently have residing in our kitchen drawer!) | bowl | pillow

On top of all that I'm loving that we have family visiting this weekend which means getting to do one or two 'touristy' type things, as well as eating lots of great food and drinking lots of good wine :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. You have a talking Homer Simpson bottle opener??! That's so funny, I would never have guessed that. It is the misters, isn't it? :)

    Love all those birdie things. Perhaps just birds are the new owl of decorating at the moment? I hope so!

    Have a great weekend too!

  2. At last beautiful spring has arrived, thanks for posting ;)

  3. oh you sound so chirpy and chipper... have a peachy weekend my friend
    Tif :)
    ps. do you have any easter chocolate left? i wondered this as i was delving into my secret supply hidden from the clan... i thought to myself, could emma lamb possibly have any left?

  4. Gorgeous! I just love Spring and it is so delightful to pop over to your blog and enjoy it with you.
    Sophie x

  5. I've been busy juggling a garden full of boys the last couple of days and loving the sunshine. Let's hope it holds for the weekend!

  6. Oh, Anthropologie is such a dangerous place of longing and beautiful, money-taking-away things! Fingers crossed for another sunny day x

  7. Great taste, I love all the items...

  8. what a beautiful inspiring blog i found today! :) lovely.


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