a sunny day (part 2)

Yes of course there are pictures Spanner! Possibly the best pictures of the day some might even argue!? Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin - this is the story the wee man and his 'episode' in the water...

A soggy dog story, starring Spanner! | Emma Lamb

It was a warm sunny day, unusually warm for a spring day in early April. The wee man had been cooped up in the car for the whole half hour drive to the fabled town called Haddington. Once he arrived at this pretty wee town all he wanted was to run in the open park, woof at the ducks by the river and claim lots of new territory for himself. Yes, he wanted to 'piddle' on everything!

Please note there was no woofing at the swans, they're a lot bigger than he is! Also, it is open to debate as to whether or not he was actually woofing at the ducks, but most people who know my Spanner know that he likes to woof. At everything! So yes, he probably was woofing at the ducks!

So with the unusual heat and his usual amount of 'piddling' he was in need of a drink. So off he went to the edge of the water, although not the main river as he's not too fond of the water. No, he chose the much smaller slipstream and as he was gingerly leaning over a slightly steep bank, guzzling as much water as he could, the sandy bank suddenly gave way under his paws and in he went - head first!

A soggy dog story, starring Spanner! | Emma Lamb

Now this wouldn't be such a big deal for most dogs, most dogs would turn or swim round and climb right back out again...

Not Spanner.

Oh no.

Being not so fond of the water as we have already mentioned, and a very poor swimmer, he went into a blind panic and swam directly for the opposite, virtually inaccessible bank. Much calling ensued with tempting phrases such as 'Look what I've got!' and 'Would you like...?', as he desperately ran up and down the bank trying to find a non-existent bridge to lead him back to safety...

A soggy dog story, starring Spanner! | Emma Lamb

Eventually he mustered every ounce of courage he could and threw himself back in to the water. Such a brave wee man!

He then paddled around for a few more panic stricken moments desperately trying to find a stretch of bank that wasn't too steep, but really he wasn't having the best of luck that day! So he decided that the best plan of action was to give up, cling to the opposite bank from us and whine until someone came to his rescue...

So it was up to me to leap two four foot church walls, fight my way through a few bushes and find a strong enough tree by the waters edge to hang on to while I leaned over to pull him out by his collar. Thankfully lady luck was on my side that day and I was able to stay dry!

A soggy dog story, starring Spanner! | Emma Lamb

I'll never forget the look on his wee face - desperately wanting to woof his wee heart out but finding himself speechless at what had just happened, and at the same time a look of extreme gratefulness for being rescued :)

In the end we were all very grateful that it was such a warm, sunny day so that he dried off very quickly and we didn't have to face the car journey home with a smelly, soggy dog!

Emma, x

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  1. awwww bless his beating little heart, what an adventure!
    he has the cutest lil' face. I love it when dogs looks at you in the eye. mine does too. I am convinced it is a sure sign of intelligence ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, Emma--that sounds like quite an adventure! So glad that Spanner made it back safely..I thought Spaniels were water dogs?!
    And how are you? Seems like it's been ages since we've talked :)
    Hope you're doing well!

  3. Oh bless him, poor lad! What a mental image! Glad he made it out in one piece :)

  4. Poor wee pet!
    Vivienne x

  5. Oooh! What a fright that must have given him! Look at that cute face. Big thankful puppy eyes. Awwwww. :)

  6. I love that last picture. It's like he's saying, "I'm sorry mom."

  7. ooh, look at that darling face, you really do have a handsome wee man there

  8. Thanks for the wonderful tale of Spanner's adventure. I am sitting here giggling at your great description....
    We have 3 woofing fools here who live with us and they have all at one time or another done such silly things. Thanks again!

  9. Hilarious! He was indeed a brave wee man, bless him. Loved the pictures of your day out. And looks like such a pretty place too :)

  10. oh ! quelle émotion et quelle expression attachante dans son regard ; c'est vraiment ma race de chien préférée

  11. He is so cuuute!

    I like him:)

    You must have spent an unforgettable day...

  12. Excellent, you have a way of telling a story. Almost the exact same thing happened to me and my part spaniel, except it was my sister's dam, and my dog started swimming to the other side, and when I tried to pull her out, I ended up in the water up to my bust. It's gone down in family lore now.

  13. What a brave dog he is! Just look at those beautiful brown eyes!

  14. He is such a little human soul. Loved the story made me smile today.

  15. This story made me laugh aloud! What a good guy!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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