shoptalk : familiar faces

Part of my wonderful weekend included a wee trip out to Haddington to pick up these lovely ladies from the Peter Potter Gallery. While I'm a wee bit disappointed that more didn't find themselves lovely new forever homes, I was pleased to know that they were admired and enjoyed, and were able to spread a wee bit of 'granny chic' charm to who ever happened upon them :)

It has also been really lovely to have them hanging in my wee studio again, I kinda missed having them around in all their glorious colours! However, now that they are rested and refreshed after their exciting adventure they are ready to let their 'granny chic' charm shine once again on the shelves of my wee shop - yay!

Now I'm off to potter in my studio for the rest of the afternoon and I shall be back tomorrow with some pretty pics of a much less foggy and much more sunny Haddington!

Wishing you all a wonderful creative day!
Emma, x

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  1. those images are sweet, have fun in your studio...

  2. These are so beautiful. I adore the color combinations...

  3. Welcome back to your wee ladees... and very much looking forward to seeing your weekend pics tomorrow. Hugs L x

  4. Hi Emma!
    Great combinations of colour!
    Kiss ^_^

  5. Think I'm in love with Daphne.

  6. Vera is a very pretty lady!!:)
    Vivienne x

  7. I am in love with all of your wee ladies! The colors and patterns are lovely!

  8. Vera is my Favourite...they are so Cute...wish I had a Wee Studio.!

  9. What brands of yarn do you work with? The colors are so beautiful! I don't see these very often at my local yarn store. Thanks!

  10. your posts always put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing and for using such happy, inspiring colours!

  11. They are just so lovely, sweet vera made my heart go all aflutter...

  12. They´re all beautiful and i love them all.

  13. They are so gorgeous. I wonder if you listened very closely if you could hear some stories of their adventures. I'm sure they overheard some interesting conversations. Enjoy having them home for a bit.

  14. Hi Emma! I love your crochet! I love your wall full of crochet!
    I live in Brazil and would love to learn to crochet to make a wall full of them.
    A big kiss!


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