homely details : coming up roses

I just spied these gorgeous tiles on Sharon's lovely blog Blossom and just had to post them up here...

They are by Welbeck Tiles and these floral ones in particular are from their 'vintage collection'. Each one is individually handmade here in the UK, in Cornwall, which makes them kinda pricey but all the more beautiful. I think the chintzy, Cath Kidston style florals of the patchwork collection are my favourites. I really like the way they've been interspersed with plain white tiles so that the overall effect isn't too much. Also, I'm sure they would look great if you had a completely white bathroom or kitchen but filled the sink splash back with them to create a pretty wee focal point. I know for a fact my man won't entertain this idea especially in our tiny wee flat, which I agree needs as little visual clutter as possible to create the illusion of space. So, I'm going to store this idea away for the day I have a huge studio which, from now on, will include a wee kitchenette corner decorated in such loveliness!

Emma, x

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  1. Those are beyond Beautiful.....

  2. Thank you for this - those patchwork tiles are just gorgeous.

  3. Oh wow... they are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them Emma :) Kx

  4. Oh they are stunning! So lovely & so many gorgeous colours, I'm mad for rose prints...

  5. Beautiful! I think the chintz ones are my favorite too, but I do so love them all.

  6. Thanks for sharing these amazing tiles. I am redoing some rooms in my home and just know these will add a special touch. Have a great day!

  7. Your blog is great, Emma!!
    I knew your Flickr, but not your blog. I´ve just wrote a post and linked to your beautiful, lovely, cheerful ladies!
    Best regards,
    Claudia, from Brazil

  8. I love your pretty colourful blog - just found it now! - look forward to scouring the archives....:)
    Luna X

  9. These are beautiful !!
    love from the Netherlands ♥Rini♥

  10. Hi Emma,

    You are a Super Star with your Mood Board Blog article in Artful Blogging.

    I live in the states on an island close to Seattle in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

    Today I bought Artful Blogging just to read your entry. Crochet is real big over here. I notice from blogland, crochet is popular in the UK.

    Thank you for sharing your mood boards, thoughts and colors.


  11. Just stumbled across your blog - I love your stuff!

    And these rose tiles are exactly what I wanted for my fantasy bathroom.

  12. Dear Emma,
    I do love those tiles.
    Congratulations for your beautiful blog, I will be back!Fra


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