colour your monday happy...

...some easter favourites...




...ada wada...

...xanthe berkeley...

...well my dears, if you're anything like me i'm sure you will only just be awakening from a chocolate induced coma (and kinda hoping that we didn't ingest any pretty foil wrappings in our chocolate chomping deranged state!)...

...and yes! now all we can think about is unwrapping these pretty wee chocolate eggs that Xanthe is tempting us with, and wondering if we can make it to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of tea to help wash them down...

...either that or you never ever want to see chocolate again!


...okay, so maybe that's just a wee bit extreme! maybe just a wee ten minute break instead to catch your breath ;)

...ooof, i'm still feeling a wee bit woozy...
...i think an evening of lazing on the sofa with copious amounts of peppermint tea is just what i need...



  1. I love the semi-circle bunting! Ever so cute and dainty!

  2. So many gorgeous ways to decorate for easter, I would never have thought...pepermint tea sounds a good idea, no more chocolate around here for a while thanks...

  3. peppermint tea soothes many a case of too much chocolate (and cleanses the palate for more!). I love the image from nanacompany, the bunting and the large pink hanging flowers

  4. That Easter wreath is spectacular! Hope your easter was great, Emma.

  5. çok şık bir blog. mükemmel fotoğraflar..sevgilerimle

  6. great photo choices. i love the daffodils with embroidery and the scalloped bunting. beautiful!

  7. Ha... I love that about Easter!! They have chocolate eggs and bunnies here too, but somehow I managed to avoid eating any at all. Still got plenty of sweet things though :)

  8. reports of chocolate induced comas can only rise....easter eggs are now all half price!

  9. I love the image from nanacompany, the bunting and the large pink hanging flowers
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  10. You are glad I found your blog thru "ArtfulBlogging"


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