pretty spring things I'm loving right now

Pretty spring things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Five Butterfly Vase - Red Hot Pottery

It is the most beautiful sunny day here in Edinburgh today and at last there is some heat in the sun - spring is most definitely on it's way, woo-hoo!!! So let's celebrate with some fabulous spring inspired Etsy finds...

Pretty spring things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left - Birds - Selflesh | Hummingdbird - La Pomme | A Fine Romance - Alice B. Gardens | Apple Tree - HARE and DRUM

Oh, and if you would like to celebrate the coming of spring a wee bit more then pop over to the Poppytalk blog where they're having a 'Spring Colour Week'. Where they are dedicating each day to a different colour...

Monday - pink
Tuesday - green
Wednesday - yellow
Thursday - purple
Friday - blue

You can join in by submitting your own lovely images via their 'Spring Colours Week' flickr pool, and who knows you might just get one of them featured on their blog!

Emma, x

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  1. oooh, lovely selections, Emma--and thanks for the link to the Poppytalk flickr pool, I just submitted yellow design :) Enjoy your sunny day--it's been sunny and beautiful here the past few days!

  2. Beautiful, springy things. They made me smile when I have the flu-lurgy, so thank you! x

  3. Lovely Etsy finds. As usual though, looking at your blog makes me want to go pick up my crochet hook and some yarn. I believe I will do just that!

  4. Lovely stuff. That vase with the butterflies! Wow.
    Lovely day here in New Hampshire too!

  5. I didn't realise that you're an Edinburgher too. Yes it is lovely and blue, and a bit chilly!


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