shoptalk : Greta and friends

Hello! Yes I am refreshed and raring to go today! Last night my quiet evening was just as planned - wine, brownies and a good film... Kill Bill part one, if your interested!? My fave of the two, because of the 'O-Ren Ishii' storyline, the 'anime sequence' and the homage to the anime with the 'Crazy 88' fight scene). Love it! So today I am feeling tip-top and ready to introduce you to some new ladies...

Greta crochet cushion, Ethel and Yvette crochet Forever Flower Garlands by Emma Lamb

So yes, less about samurai swords and onto some crocheted lovelies! I have added three new ladies to my wee shop this morning, let me introduce you to them all...

Greta crochet cushion by Emma Lamb

First up is wee 'Greta' a sweet and lovely springy looking lady who was inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland' as part of this months challenge set by the Artisans Collective etsy team. She was directly inspired by wee Alice herself, with her blue dress, white apron and golden locks. I had intended her to be called Alice too, but once she was finished she just looked more like a 'Greta' to me!

Greta crochet cushion by Emma Lamb

So that wee 'Greta' didn't feel so lonely I made up a couple of pretty spring 'Forever Flower Garland' friends...

Ethel and Yvette crochet Forever Flower Garlands by Emma Lamb

Meet wee 'Ethel' and 'Yvette'. With the addition of these new ladies I'm quite pleased with how flowery and springy my wee shop shelves are looking. Yep indeed, my brain is completely flowery just now!

Wishing you all the most flowery weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. I love Greta with the lovely buttons.
    Ethel and Yvette are very happy, springy and flowery garlands.

    My weekend is flowery already. Thank you, I wish you a happy and colourful weekend too!


  2. I love your flowers and their colors! Perfect for spring.

  3. Love these new additions to your shop! Colour choices superb! C

  4. spring has really sprung!

  5. lovely crocheted things! i love the colors of greta...i can definitely see the ties to alice.

  6. Beautiful photos. Thank-you for posting such loveliness.

  7. oohh, I loved visiting you, lovely colours & beautiful creations!
    hope you have a lovely day

  8. Emma,I love your latest creations.
    So springy & pretty for my Australian autumn eyes.

  9. I love Greta, and the colours are very "Alice".

  10. They are stunning! I adore your flower garland...

  11. Greta is a lovely lady and right cheered me up after a horrid stressful week! Yeah, Kill Bill 1... love it too :) Have a lovely Sunday my dear! x

  12. A most Happy Birthday, Emma!
    Ravelry told me!!

  13. how cute ! i love your cushion's colours :)


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