colour palette : spring sunshine

spring sunshine, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. bubustudio, 2. chara*coco*, 3. lush bella, 4. tovemichelle12, 5. meandmypictures, 6. Paola: mirrormirror, 7. meplusmolly, 8. Planet Fur, 9. Kelty of Steep Street

You may have noticed that I'm quite taken with the 'aqua and yellow' combo at the moment. It's such a perfect pairing for spring and I can't help but think of beautiful blue skies and bunches of bright yellow daffodils, bliss!

spring sunshine!? from the colour palette generator | Emma Lamb

Do you remember the 'colour palette generator' I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well I've tried it a few times on some of the other mosaics I've made and it hasn't worked nearly as well as I hoped it would. It seems to work best with a group of images that have an even colouring, like the white one I originally tried it on. Whereas with this mosaic it seemed to pick out lots of the more murky colours instead of focusing on the lovely yellows and blues. Not that this isn't a lovely palette in itself, but it's not very springy is it?

colour palette : spring sunshine | Emma Lamb

So to get this wee swatch palette I mocked up my own version in Photoshop to pick out a much fresher and more springy collection. The only thing it's missing is some fun and colourful names, any ideas!?

Wishing you all a sunny sunday afternoon,
Emma, x

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  1. I far prefer your pick of the colours, odd, when you look at those images you can't see those muddy colours and yet its all its picked out!
    I.m no good at naming colours, I like farrow and balls nams though. 'drab', 'drainpipe' and such. much better than dulux ones!

  2. Love the spring inspiration and now it's even better the clocks have gone forward. Yes, I had the same problem with the colour generator thingy... not very interesting at all. Your colours are great! Takes me ages to think of good names though :)

  3. hello miss lamb, hope you're enjoying the first day of british summer

    gorgeous images, deserving of colour names such as daffodil, buttercup, sunshine, sky, puddle, lilac, lavender, peat, earth, raindrop and cloud

    (can you tell i have to make colour names up for work sometimes? see how they just reel off the tongue!)

    have fun
    sharon xx

  4. That's a ravishing collection you've pulled together there! I love the colours and the items themselves - gorgeous! Hope you and your wee man are well and that it's not too cold up there in Scotland!

  5. oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes I am ALL about this color scheme. Its really stunning and soothing, not over bearing!


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