shoptalk : garden party

Garden Party, Etsy treasury by Jessica Torres | Emma Lamb

Hello my lovelies, I just wanted to drop in and show you all this gorgeous treasury featuring one of my 'forever flower garlands'. It was curated by the lovely Jessica Torres and is themed around a spring garden party. I think it's about to expire soon, but if you get the chance do pop by and have a peek at these lovelies, I promise it will brighten your day no end just as it has brightened mine!

At the moment our wee garden only gets the sun very early in the morning, like 6~8am, and as I don't haul my ass out of bed til at least 8am there's not much chance of any kind of garden party just yet! However, the lovely thing is that I get to throw open the bedroom curtains and let the sun stream through my windows for the last lovely half hour in bed. It has been so sunny here the last few weeks that I've been able to do this nearly every morning. Do you know, I've just about forgotten the trauma of the chilly winter snow!!!

Wishing you the most wonderful spring day...
Emma, x

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  1. Sunshine definitely makes everything seem so much better!!!
    Vivienne :)

  2. Very pretty, I am so ready for spring!

  3. Really beautiful!! I love that pictures.

  4. Thank you! I leave your blog inspired every time! C

  5. Beautiful ^-^!!!
    The Spring is coming...finally!!!

  6. what a lovely treasury....havn't had much time to spend on etsy recently, so lovely to see what others have found


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