blog crush : Poppytalk's spring colour week

This weeks was the first time I've followed one of Poppytalk's colour weeks and I'm so pleased I did. It has been incredibly inspiring discovering such gorgeous images and talented photographers! What I find most inspiring is how a simple colour theme can be interpreted so widely and so creatively. How some of the most mundane everyday objects can be photographed from a perspective that turns them into the most precious and beautiful works of art. Here are just a few of my most favourite images from the week...

A few of my favourites from Poppytalk's Spring colours week, 2010 | Emma Lamb
Line 1: L. Grainne, gwen, abbytrysagain, poppytalk, indierocket, IlluminatedPerfume
Line 2: cori kindred, ethanollie, suffragettedesign, orangesparrow, heather pauline, suffragettedesign
Line 3: zsíta, cori kindred, tielsk, janetguertin, Corset Laced Mannequins, shannonblue
Line 4: Lily's {Sketch} Pad, cookoorikoo, Betty Jo Designs, cazhancox, wildrosesgrow, super ninon
Line 5: Veronica TM, LoveRoots, love, liette, pinkorchid_too (Sandra), Divesin, cori kindred
Line 6: cori kindred, shannonblue, honey trees, CozyMemories, cynthiacallan, Mandy.Bryant

Actually I'm quite surprised at how much purple and green made it into this selection, especially purple as it's not a colour I use very much. Maybe I'm being influenced by 'Miss Edith' and her crocus loving ways!?
You can see all the other submissions in the 'Spring Colours Week' flickr pool.

Oh, and for everyone who is just entering into the autumn season (and isn't feeling all these springy vibes at all) then you can check out the 'Autumn Colour Week' pool from a few months ago which is equally as beautiful and inspiring.

Wishing you all the most lovely weekend,
Emma, x

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  1. Oh, I'm so enticed to jump into that color!

    Outstanding picks,

  2. Oh they are beautiful images, I especially love the bottom row all whimsy & dreamy...

  3. thanks so much for including my photo!!

  4. Oh this is so beautiful! Fabulous and inspiring choices. All those gorgeous colours just make me smile!
    Sophie x

  5. thank you it's a lovely blog !

  6. Beautiful images !! I'm inspired by your stunning crochet too,in fact I put a link to your blog on mine as I'm making a cushion cover inspired by your Lovely ladies I found on flickr :0)

  7. Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

    A footprint from Sweden by Agneta

  8. thank you again so much Emma for including my little photo :)
    it was such a fun week, I'm kind of sad it's already over :(
    can't wait for the next ! :)
    hope you had a gorgeous weekend !

  9. Hi Emma, Many thanks from me too for including my mannequin photo. I've so enjoyed the Spring Colours week and have fallen in love with Flickr! Lucyxx


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