rosy yellow finds I'm loving right now

Rosy yellow finds I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Spring Bouquet - Ameelia Bedelia

This week seems to be disappearing fast, I can't believe it's Thursday afternoon already! Although things may have been a wee bit quiet here on the blogging front, there has been lots of things going on behind the scenes. Lots of crocheting and a few things almost ready for a wee shop update. Also a wee bit of embroidering and a handful of new gift cards have already been added to the shop. A lot of pondering of new ideas too and how I can make them happen! Plus a whole lot of tea drinking and chocolate devouring! Nomnom!

I've also been updating my wee tumblr blog with a few new inspirational images. It wasn't until after I had added a dozen or so images that I realised that a lot of them are quite 'flowery', especially this one. It seems that my creative mind is tired of waiting for nature to offer up it's floral display this spring and has taken matters into it's own hands!

So with my subconscious leading the way together we have browsed Etsy for some floral lovelies to brighten your day, enjoy!

Rosy yellow finds I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb


  1. Oh lovely, tea and chocolate!!
    Vivienne :)

  2. All gorgeous images,thank you & have a lovely weekend!

  3. OOooh, that head band! It is gorgeous! One day I am so going to have to have a go at decorating my own head bands. :)

  4. Hi Emma,

    I love your blog and your work. I am having my first blog giveaway and would be delighted if you popped by and entered if you have time.

    have a great weekend

    Bee x

  5. lovely springy things to think about emma~

  6. Spring arrived here - at last!!!! I loved this post, Emma! YAY!

  7. love the spring bouquet....I'm a sucker for anything vintage and floral.
    I just discovered your blog & look forward to visiting often.


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