colour your monday happy...

...Vintage coffee cups ~ svankatwijk...

...spring greens and vintage greens ~ from chartreuse to teal, and every shade in between... my mind the colour of life and new beginnings, optimistic and refreshing...
...but also a familiar and reassuring colour that gives me a lovely sense of warmth and nostalgia... always makes me think of holidays as a child, driving around the british country side on gorgeous sunny days. exploring nature and wildlife with a sense of wonder and fascination... still fascinates me today...

...remember to pop on over to 'all colours in...' if you're in need of a wee colour boost this (dreary!) monday morning...

...wishing you all a creative day!


  1. Sigh... I love green in all shades too. Spring is my favourite season. How I miss the english woodlands at this time of year. You've managed to bring me a little of it all the way over here my friend :)

  2. More lovely images that you share...I especially like the one with the stripey socks standing in amongst the flowers...

  3. This definitely sparked my creativity today. Thank you for the lush and vivid images you share here. Inspiration at its best! ;)

  4. Just delightful Emma, you have such a fabulous eye for colour. Makes me dream of Spring. Beautiful!
    Sophie x

  5. This really cheered me up, especially as it's drizzling grey outside! Thanks x

  6. It's snowing here, and I needed an injection of colour! Love the peacocks and the coffee cups!


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