colour your monday happy...

...with sweet and tasty treats!

...ivy style33...

...Skunkboy Creatures....


...lobster and swan...


...i have such a sweet tooth just now, but one that isn't being satisfied for chocolate alone! no, i've got a real hankering for cake ~ yummy chocolate cake, or one of my faves that i haven't made in a while being wee cupcakes with a 'nutella' centre and topped with melted dark chocolate ~ perfect!
...but alas there will be no cake baking for a few days ~ that is until we finish off the rest of a huge pear and apple crumble we made yesterday, and then there will have to a lot of walking to work off said delicious crumble so that my belly and thighs can accommodate one or two, or three, or four wee cupcakes... !

...if you're in need of more inspiration this monday, brew yourself a cuppa and grab a tasty treat of your own before settling down in front of 'all colours in...' :)

...wishing you all a creative monday and as many a tasty treats as your thighs can handle.. ;)



  1. Oooops, my thighs can not handle these treats anymore...
    They look delicious!
    Wish you a very creative monday and rest of the week too!


  2. How beautiful is that green plate in the fourth picture, the cake looks good too!!!
    Vivienne :)

  3. such pretty treats today! at my house, we are currently eating a lovely lemon cake, but i know the feeling of...must eat this so i can bake something new...i'm dreaming of cupcakes and cookies now.

  4. just what i needed to start a rainy week !
    if you like Nutella in cupcakes, there 's another chocolate we have here in France called "pralinoise" you can insert a big chunk in the center of a cupcake, or melt a few in a warm cup of milk... Heaven I tell you !
    so if you can find it, have a try !!!
    (or i could send it to you if you're up for it)

  5. Mmmm... is all I can say :)

  6. I'm now craving something sweet. Those look so delicious! And the Skunkboy Creatures are adorable!

  7. All scrumptious, I might try to make the little fabric ones!

  8. ooooo... this is making me so hungry, what do you think, midnight sweet treat for me? I have a sweet tooth too and many faves. My current weak spot is for lemon curdy pud (I call it curly for some reason - a Jamie Oliver one I think) *sigh*
    Nutella cupcakes would go down a treat right now!

  9. nom nom nom... I am sooo hungry now. Time for coffee and cake! :)

  10. PS. Phyllis came in the post today! Will write about her and her loveliness tomorrow! Thanks again! :)

  11. You're making me hungry with all this talk of cupcakes!
    I made pink butterfly cakes recently but 2 a day wasn't enough!
    VERY naughty!
    Have a great week
    Rachel x

  12. i'm so pleased you all loved today's selection, and at least looking at these pics won't add any inches to out thighs... ;)

    Valerie, 'pralinoise' sounds so yummy! i think i've found a british supply of it here ~ ~ so i shall be ordering one or two bars, purely for research purposes of course... ;)

    oh Rachel, i haven't had butterfly cakes in years... i may have to try butterfly-ing my chocolate ones... :)

    wishing you all the most wonderful week... :)


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