weekend inspiration : winter vs spring

Inviting winter warmth...
Sludgy shades: cream, sage, mocha, blush, grey, taupe, slate blue, salmon, olive, ochre and chocolate.
Textures and patterns: aged, peeling, worn, weathered, knitted and crocheted, vintage florals and textured stripes.

inviting winter warmth, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. //fine little day//, 2. greenolive*, 3. sandra juto, 4. .natasha., 5. ~*~...nicole...~*~, 6. lush bella, 7. 3GIRLS + a goat, 8. Natasha.Gorodetsky, 9. papernstitch

Longing for spring...
Pretty shades: lemon, cream, turquoise, blush, beige, sage, blue and gold.
Textures and patterns: vintage lace, crochet and faded floral fabrics.

longing for spring, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. ohhellofriend, 2. backhomeagainvintage, 3. dottie angel, 4. empresstk719, 5. ~*~...nicole...~*~, 6. poppytalk, 7. SusannahT, 8. Creature Comforts, 9. lush bella

I seem to be torn between these two palettes at the moment. I'm really enjoying these sludgy winter shades (although the actual winter, not so much!), but I do have a longing for the spring too. I'm so ready for things to warm up a wee bit! There is hope though, as today in the park I noticed that the daffodils were poking their heads through the frozen ground, only by an inch or so but they still made me smile... :)

Which do you prefer this week? The sludgy winter shades or the pretty 'spring' collection?

Emma, x

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  1. That is a really hard one.. I'd say pretty spring! No, sludgy winter! No, uh.. ugh.

    Final answer: pretty spring.


  2. Do you know when you put it like that, I like them both!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I do like them both, but at the moment I'm going to opt for spring as we just got snow dumped on us again and I am so ready for warmth and colour.

  4. I like them both, but as it is hot hot hot here, I am going to choose the gorgeous sludgy winter shades.

  5. I love them both! But the pretty spring just has the edge for me :)

  6. any other year I think I would have said the winter one, I love the neutrals; but you know what, this year I've been looking forward to Spring more than any other year, not only that but I'm in NEED of yellow so definitely the spring one for me :)

  7. I like them both and they do look so nice all together too. I am waiting for winter. I have had quite enough of summer - the heat, the flies, the heat rash, the prickles, the mosquitoes - and can't wait for some soup and blanket weather! :)

  8. I'm definitely ready for spring here in Portland, Oregon:~)

  9. sitting in the heat of summer right now I think I would take either: the warmth of indoors when it is grey outside or the hope that comes with spring.

  10. They are both beautiful, but if I had to chose a favourite I'd go for the spring collection.

  11. love love them both so much......but after a couple more days of snow, i'm definitly ready for spring

    have a lovely weekend
    sharon xx

  12. thanks emma for your interest in my green love paper garland and its inclusion here in the selection

  13. Each colorway is very beautiful, and one that pleases the eye that opens on each February day.

    Thank you for offering each of these delight grids.

    Looking forward to seeing (all visual!) what you will show us next week. Cheers!


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