guess again!

Giveaway! Crochet pincushion by Emma Lamb

My apologies, I did mean to drop in over the weekend with this clue but yesterday I woke feeling a wee bit squiffy and today I have a full on stinking head cold, ugh!

Anyway, onto a clue - I can tell you that after 63(!) guesses no one guessed correctly yet and she has a 'y' somewhere in her name...

If you are going to hazard a guess for the first time remember to check my original post for the rules of the giveaway.

Now I hope you all don't mind, but as I'm feeling quite poop I shall wait til tomorrow to bring you this weeks colourful collection of inspiration. Wishing you all a wonderful monday and good luck with your guessing!

Emma, x

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  1. Ok Emma, my second guess is Daisy !
    Hope you're feeling much better soon. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. ...and finally - how about - Milly?
    Better stop now, fingers crossed
    hope you are feeling better soon, our family have also been down with the dreaded lurgy and urgh we've been wading through tissues aplenty!

  3. Well my first guess had a 'Y' in it so won't mention that one again. This time I will go for Sybil. Not sure why just popped into my head!

  4. omgosh we could be here some time.

    How about Kitty?

  5. What about Elly? I hope you feel better soon.

  6. oh emma, it sucks I hate colds... now I can't resist giving you a couple of dubious remedies :P

    #1 is garlic (ok I'm french but that has got nothing to do with anything) preferably raw of course. I gave my other half a whole clove to add to his already garlicy meal the other week, worked a treat (+ added bonus of making me giggle although I realise that won't help you...)

    2# the obvious one, a swifty shot of whiskey with tons of lemon, honey and cloves. To be had while watching a good film, crocheting optional.

    Oh, and is it Lily?

    Get better soon xx

  7. I'm going to guess Evelyn this time around.

  8. Hoping that a good rest, and lots of fluids, will have you feeling much better soon.

    Your posts are always a delight!

  9. how about Amy?

    Think I'm coming down with some vile lurgy now!

  10. Hi. Emma,

    Sorry about your cold..hope you feel well soon. I'm also guessing Lily.

    Vickie in Seattle

  11. I'll guess Nancy and hope that you are feeling much better by now! Get some rest my love L x

  12. I'll go with Poppy
    ciao joan in italy

    luv them all

  13. I'll guess Yvette because it's my friend's name and I think it's lovely. And it has a Y!

    Hope you feel much better soon.

    Aveen x

  14. Get better soon Emma! Love the word squiffy. It is kind of cute and yucky at the same time. I have made some more guesses too as I want that pin cushion! :)

  15. Hi Emma, my guess is Granny.
    Take care, Cecilia
    My e-address is:

  16. As you seem to have previously used all the names of my chickens and cats except one it must be - Mary!
    Hope you're back up to speed soon as my day is not the same without checking your blog! Get better soon. Hazel

  17. Hi Emma,

    Hope you feel better soon. I am a bit under the weather too with my stomach.

    I think she could be called Maisy

    Bee x

  18. I'd say... Rosemary ?

    many get well wishes across the Channel along with this comment

  19. Hi Emma,
    hope you feel better soon.
    My guess is Sally.
    Karen x

  20. Sorry you're not feeling well. Lot's of rest and tea (made by someone else of course!!!)

    I think maybe Yvonne?

    Take care
    Sam x

  21. Hello Emma,
    I'm going to guess Caitlyn spelt with a "y" as opposed to the Gaelic spelling.
    Hope I've guessed right !

  22. Hi Emma! Wee greetings from Portugal! lool
    I was looking for grannies inspirations and I found you etsy...therefore your blog!
    Congratulations on your works...very beautiful indeed!!!
    I decided to give it a shot on the name of the pincushion (by the way, I love them)...and gess that perhaps the name is Emily?
    Continue with the wonderful hobbie!!!
    U2 have a great day!
    A hug!

  23. how about Rosy,as she is so pretty.
    Karen x

  24. beautiful
    is it betty?

  25. I'm thinkin' she looks a wee bit like a Tiffany.

  26. But then again, if she's likes to keep current, she could be an Olympia. lol

  27. But no, she's probably a good old-fashioned Gladys.

  28. Feel better soon.
    I love the pin cushion! Your work is charming.
    My guess is Posey.
    Take care, Cynthia

  29. ~~~ no correct answers as yet ~~~

  30. ~~~ i am closing the giveaway now, so any guesses left after this comment will not be considered ~ sorry! ~~~


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