shoptalk & feeling a bit squiffy

Thankfully it wasn't me that was feeling under the weather this week, nor was it my man, not even Spanner in fact! No it was much, much worse than any of us being ill... It was actually our pc that has been feeling a wee bit squiffy! Not wanting to switch on and much preferring to have a 'lie in' instead of helping me with my work, mildly irritating yes, but once it was awake I was quite happy and didn't think any more of it...

That was until Thursday morning when it point blank refused to switch on at all which kinda left me in a mild state of panic being as it is my only readily available connection to the world wide web - eek! The merest suggestion that I may not be able to satisfy my Etsy and Flickr addictions has me in a right tizzy!

I did try a wee bit of gentle persuasion, fiddling with all the cables round the back (o'er missus) but it was having none of it and it certainly didn't respond to my tried and tested technique of percussion maintenance! My last pc used to get a slap on the head any time it misbehaved and we never had any major disagreements, ha!

Crochet Forever Flower Garlands by Emma Lamb
Olga and Nellie - Forever Flower Garlands

So on Friday, after a reliable source told us that it may be the 'power-box-converter-thingy' that had died the decision was made that we would perform some open 'circuit board' surgery in order to find a certain serial number to see if we could get a replacement part, or at the very least rescue the hard drive with all my precious photos and inspiration and whatnot!

Yes, yes, I hear you! I know I should have it all backed up here, there and everywhere but you know how it is, we all start with good intentions saving everything onto USB drives every time we make the slightest change to a file or what ever. Then you start to think that once a day will be fine, then once a week or I'll sit down and do it all later and not get distracted browsing through other peoples filckr favourites! Then before you know it the months have gone by and the bloody thing won't switch on in the morning! Gah!

Anyway, we didn't even get as far as open 'circuit board' surgery. I think it heard me suggest that a buying a brand new laptop might be the way to go and just take a sledge hammer to this one - okay so I didn't actually say that one out loud but there was a lot of 'effing and jeffing' going on and I think it got the idea! So anyway, I pulled out all the cables and lifted it out from it's wee corner and was just about to take the screwdriver to it when I thought I would try the power cable one more time, just in case...

Yes, you just know what I'm going to say, don't you!?

Needless to say there was a wee bit more 'effing and jeffing' as it started whirring and working like nothing at all had been amiss! Then a lot of scurrying as we got it hooked up to the monitor and mouse to see what it was up to, and yes it was all fine and dandy, acting like nothing was wrong and not a problem to be found anywhere! Grrr!

Of course Ihaven't dared switch it off yet and yes I promise that as soon as I've finished here, checked and sent a few e-mails, maybe had a quick look around Flickr and checked my wee Etsy shop, I shall back up all my photos and files - honest!

Oh, I have managed to squeeze in a wee shop update this morning, hence the pretty pictures of cushions and garlands scattered throughout this rambling rant. And while I was away for two days (felt like forever!) something quite exciting has happened - well, something quite exciting for me anyway! If you don't already know then pop by sometime tomorrow and I'll tell all!

Emma, x

ps - I haven't forgotten about the wee give away I wanted to do this week, I'll do it either Tuesday or Wednesday next week...

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  1. "effing and jeffing"--that's a new one to me! May I borrow it? :) So sorry to hear you were having computer problems, Emma--that is so frustrating when that happens, especially when you rely on the computer for your business! Glad to hear things functional again though :)

    ps--Did you see? You won second place in the Poppytalk Jury's Choice awards for Favorite Crafter--congrats! Well deserved :)

  2. Computer problems are the worst. I was lucky beyond belief to receive a new one for Christmas and it's been so wonderful. No crashes!! No freeze-ups!! No losing all the words I'd written for the past two hours! Life is better!!

  3. Your post made me laugh out loud! It's scary how much we rely on our computers, no? Lovely cushions as always! x

  4. I just love those garlands. And the cushions for that matter.

    Hope your computer is behaving!

  5. I had better back up my laptop too! Hope the computer behaves long enough for the files to come off it. I know congratulations are in order... :)

  6. Oh Emma what a funny post. We've all been there. Why is it you just want to slap them!!

  7. Yay, lovely to see you back! I had been missing your posts! Love your beautiful shop update, just delightful and very romantic, perfect for Valentine's day!
    Sophie x

  8. Oh, Emma...I feel your pain...and frustration! I went through computer difficulties last year about this time and had to buy a new one. Can you believe my 2 year old laptop died??!! Good luck :)

    Thanks for all the wonderfully inspiring snaps you post. They are just what I need some days to get me going.

  9. Welcome back. Your telling of the tale is very funny, but I do know how the web connecting can be a fragile thing. Precious, full of promise and information, but so fragile.

    Your site is a pleasure to visit!

  10. emma .what a frustrating time for you . your story telling skills are amazing .

  11. I'm so glad everything is back in working order. Such lovely crochet pieces, I particularly like that granny square cushion with the white square center.

  12. Well, I did start to wonder what had happened to you... missed you sweetie! God, I don't know what I would do if something happened to my computer. (touch wood) It really is a lifeline for some of us. And do you know I only just started backing up this week and had a mild tantrum this morning when I looked in my new folder and found half the stuff missing!! Luckily still in the bin, but sometimes I feel I really should be a bit more tech-savvy. Always had funny little IT men to do that for me :) Anyway missus, at least it's given you time to do some gorgeous new non-computery stuff :))

  13. phew! i'm glad to hear that you got your computer up and running to at least back up and get a few things done!

    i just wanted to come by and say hello. as a juror on the poppies i discovered your work in earnest [had of course heard/seen of you, but i actually spent time with your work for "reals"] and wanted to say how much i LOVE what you do.

    it's beautiful and so cared for!!


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