colour your tuesday happy...

...with a pretty bunch of fresh flowers... :)

...untitled ~ abbytrysagain...

...Buttercups ~ Demoiselle Libellule...

...untitled ~ kwestad... ~ wood & wool stool...

...september flowers ~ hyggelig happy...

...i'm still feeling very squiffy this morning and am on the verge of losing my voice altogether because of a ridiculously sore throat... :( today i thought i would cheer myself up with some beautiful fresh flowers from 'all colours in...', if you're also having an iffy week i hope they help cheer you up a wee bit too... :)
...thank you so much for all your well wishes and remedies ~ although i must admit i've never been able to muster the courage to eat raw garlic! i'm quite happy to stick with my honey and lemon... ;)



  1. Hi I'm with you on the sore throat thing!
    Clare x

  2. So love flowers... just wish I could afford them every week. I used to be a florist you know. A very hard job indeed :) These have brightened my day. Continue to get better! x

  3. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Emma--hope you feel better! These flowers are so pretty and cheerful :)

  4. So pretty, Emma! Nothing says spring like these flowers. Thanks for giving me hope today as it snows, and snows, and snows.


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