colour your monday happy...

...with a few of my recent favourites... :)

...Workspace corner ~ jasna.janekovic...

...A "garota" da Natália ~ Maman Xuxudidi...

...ten garlands in ten days: day seven ~ jek in the box...

...olivia's hearts ~ sweet sweet life...

...untitled ~ hrsmithjones...

...when i first set up the 'all colours in...' group on flickr these were the kind of images i had in mind ~ full to bursting with rich, vibrant colour and beautiful printed fabrics and papers ~ the kind of images that never fail to inspire the 'crafty soul' within and make you want to dive right in and get creative!

...i know my 'crafty soul' is feeling inspired and today i'm going to channel all that creative energy into finishing up a few commissions and getting a few orders sent off (as well as a huge pile of laundry and housework!), so that at the end of the week i can let my 'crafty soul' run riot and make a start on some new ideas i've been pondering ~ yay!



  1. Ah, I always love this post, Emma-the colors and details are always so vibrant and inspiring! So glad to hear you are feeling better--so am I! Will write you a full-fledged letter soon :)

  2. Oooooh, I NEED one of those cotton reel racks!

  3. I was just thinking the same Kirsty ......

    Love these posts :)

  4. I just LOVE that cotton reel storage rack!!! Am off to look at your flickr group now!

  5. Week by week, it is such a delight, Emma, to visit here and get inspired by what other creative folks have been musing about, thinking about, and ... actually creating.

    Thank you, and to all those whose work you showcase. xo

  6. What inspiring delightful colour! Beautiful way to start the week!
    Sophie x


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