colour your monday happy with...

...fiona + snood ~ {a black pepper}...

...wood & wool & snow stool ~ wood & wool stool...

...bench monday: peaceful snowy new year ~ mainemomma ~ kristin...

...img010 ~ eliciaruth...

...snowflakes with hearts ~ sharna11...

...yes that's right ~ snow!!!

...well, i did open my big mouth and suggest that snow on the beach was the most unnatural thing i could think of! so of course the next morning we wake up to three inches of the pretty white stuff don't we!? but we did make it to the beach and i did manage to snap a few pretty pics that i shall show you tomorrow... :)

...if you're looking for some snow free inspiration hop on over to 'all colours in' with a wee tipple and spend a few minutes in awe of all the gorgeous colour that's been added to the pool this weekend...

...wishing you a snowy or snow free week depending on where you are in the world or on what your snowy preferences are ~ i think that just about covers everyone... ;)


  1. I work just by Kinross, and it was snowing there today, and very chilly!

    I love the hearts and snowflakes, we have massive sash windows that I am having difficulty dressing, perhaps some hanging hearts are the way.

  2. I think "that snow on the beach is the most unnatural thing i could think of!"
    ... But also one of the most gourgeous... ;)

  3. you make snow colorful! nice choices today el

  4. Thanks Emma - I choose a snowy cold week! Don't think it's going to happen here though ;) Lovely selection, as always. Have a great week. Kx

  5. So very nice photos and nice to read. Have a nice week to!!

  6. Oh snow, I'd love a little snow right now. What a beautiful collection of images. Love the crochet stool in the snow. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.
    Sophie x

  7. A mi la nieve me gusta, en Madrid (españa) ha nevado 3 veces este invierno, pero es raro que cuaje aquí en la ciudad ... eso si, espero que llegue pronto la primavera ¡tanto frio no me gusta!
    un abrazo,


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