and the winner is...

Phyllis, Vintage Rose crochet pincushion by Emma Lamb

Yay! of course this wee lovely lady is called 'Phyllis'... ;)

Thanks to the saviour that is google (and probably wikipedia where I got the clue from in the first place!), nearly sixty of you guessed right! Ha! But of course there can only be one winner, so without further ado...

Drum roll please...

Choosing a giveaway winner! | Emma Lamb

Imagine me rummaging around in this wee bowl for a while to build the tension...

A wee bit longer...

! ! !

'Get on with it!' - I hear you cry...

Oh, all right!

Yes, we have a winner! The ever so lovely Miss...

And the winner is... | Emma Lamb

YAY! Congratulations Miss Christina! Wee 'Phyllis' will be winging her way to you soon!

Phyllis, Vintage Rose crochet pincushion by Emma Lamb

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I wish I could give you all your own wee 'Vintage Rose pincushions! but as you all know I have a serious chocolate habit to fund! So the rest of the ladies will be finding their way into my wee shop very soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I shall see you all on Monday!

Emma, x

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  1. ¡felicidades cristina!
    un abrazo,

  2. My goodness! I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw my name! I thought there was no way I would win the lovely Phyllis after all those lovely people leaving all their lovely guesses. Thank you so much Emma! My family and friends are going to hear about nothing else for quite awhile except Phyllis! Yay! :)

  3. Thanks for giving us all the chance to win the lovely Phyllis! Congratulations Christina! :)

  4. Congrats Christina! lucky girl!

    Thanks for popping by emma (I left a little reply for you)

  5. What a fun time I had.
    Would love to have had Phyllis coming to my home, but such is luck. Still had a VERY GOOD TIME! ! !

  6. Congratulations Christina! :) K

  7. thats so lovely..
    congrats Christina

  8. Congrats to you Christina. Looks like Phyllis is going to a good home. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the girls on etsy....

  9. Christina is very lucky that is a lovely prize .

  10. Hola Cristina,he descubierto tu blog por casualidad,y me encanto todo.Yo tambien he echo mucho crochet,aqui decimos(ganchillo),el alfilitero chulisimo.Te sigo.Un besito.

  11. Your blog is soooo full of wonderful surprises! so happy that we found you !


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