weekend inspiration : turquoise - Pantone's colour of 2010

turquoise - Pantone's colour of 2010

"Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well being."

I agree, not so much with the tropical waters, but certainly with soothing and dreamy. For me it is a very nostalgic colour reminding me of beautiful vintage housewares such as this phone, this soup tureen and this lunch box! If you're one of those lovelies who has a thing for vintage typewriters you'll know exactly what I mean! Also, I absolutely love it teamed with a vibrant red as Bird in the Hand has done with her retro styled bedroom vignette in the centre of the mosaic here.

turquoise - Pantone's colour of 2010, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Karin A ~, 2. holiday jenny, 3. ooh food, 4. IrenaS, 5. Bird in the Hand, 6. snappingtwig, 7. Madeline Bea, 8. Lila Ruby King, 9. Claudie C-G

Now that I'm feeling all soothed and dreamy I'm off to spend a quiet weekend with just the wee man (my not so wee man has gone off to a card magicians convention!), my hook and yarn, and a stash of chocolate. Although my chocolate stash is looking quite small, less than half a bar in fact! So I may just have to venture out into the weather tomorrow... *shudder*

Wishing you all the most wonderful and relaxing weekend and I shall see you all back here on monday morning!
Emma, x

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  1. I love turquoise, and the red sets it off so well. What a pretty collection of pictures, have a great weekend.

  2. such beautiful color inspiration!

  3. your blog is gorgeous! I'm so glad that I found it. A x

  4. I have some lovely turquoise drop earrings, and they are going to give my everyday pretty pearls a challenge.

    It is such fun to visit your site!


  5. This is one of my favourite colours! And I used to have a turquoise typewriter as a teen. Unfortunately, it died long ago. x

  6. Yes, yes, so agree turquoise and red! Just love this colour so much - now I'm dreaming of the Greek sea :)

  7. Oh I just love this colour, especially teamed with red, it just seems to work so well. Thanks so much for letting me know about tumblr, it was great to see yours, as I had tried once before but ran out of patience, this time I seem to have had a little more success. Hopefully it will help in the organising process. Have a lovely weekend.
    Sophie x

  8. just discovered your blog and I'm enchanted! I've added you to the blogroll over at Decorology!


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