OMG, The Poppies!

Please vote for Emma Lamb, nominated in the 'Crafters' category of the Poppies, 2010 - Thank you!!!

OMG!!! I have been nominated for one of the 'Poppies' in the 'Crafters' category! The 'Poppies' are the first annual virtual awards run by the Poppytalk blog, and aim to honour all those who are part of the ever inspiring handmade community!

Firstly - A huge, huge thank you to every one who nominated me, I am utterly thrilled and stunned and can't stop smiling :)

Secondly, and yes I am going to be shameless here - If you like my crochet work and want to make me extra specially super happy and smiley, please click this link, choose my name from the list and click 'vote', easy peasy!

Thirdly - thank you!!!

Lastly - Oh, and did I mention you're looking lovely today, have you done something new with your hair? And might I say that outfit you're wearing today looks especially fabulous on you! It's your pyjamas you say, well I never! I wish I looked that good in my pj's!!! - Shamless compliments over ;)

Emma, x

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  1. ha ha you crack me up!
    PS: had already voted for you anyway ;)

  2. .. done it.
    because you make me smile, whenever i come here.

  3. LOL!

    Just voted. Good luck!

    B :)

  4. Vote done. Congrats my dear!! And so glad you think I look nice even with the dribble stains down the front...

  5. Haha! Emma, you're too funny! I voted for you :)

    And yes, I'm still alive!--sorry to have alarmed you. I've just been experiencing blogging fatigue lately, but feeling re-energized now...
    Will write later today :)

  6. Congrats for being nominated, that's fantastic.

  7. You campaigned hard and won me over. This vote's for you.

  8. Actually yes I've just come in from the hairdressers. Thanks for that! You've got my vote!! :)

  9. flattery get you everywhere! I voted for you - but I'm not in my pjs! Wish I were, though.

  10. Ha, ha! It worked! Good luck, you deserve it x

  11. Yay! So very exciting! I just voted for you! Good luck x

  12. oh my! you have me exclaiming again, thank you all so very much for your lovely words and for kindly voting for me... :)

    i'm so pleased (and astounded) that my flattering compliments actually worked, or maybe you are all just humouring me!?

    either way you have completely made my day and i shall be floating on cloud nine for weeks now... :)

    wishing you all the most fabulous day possible!

  13. sales pitch although delightful was completely unnecessary - I had already voted for :)

  14. I just voted for you. I just love all your crochet work. Hope you win!

  15. Ha ha, actually I do have a new designer haircut, thank you Emma. I guess I will have to go vote for you now.

  16. Hi again Emma
    You must know by now how much I am loving your blog and work, so I have passed on a sunshine blog award to you for bringing a few rays to me! Pop over to my site to collect it!
    Kirsty x

  17. Congratulations!! I'm a new follower, I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did it! I'm Giovanna from the
    You have a fantastic blog! Your photos and work is very inspiring!
    Please let me know if you'd like to exchange links with me :)
    Have a lovely day!

  18. Oh sorry I meant to say: Your photos and work ARE (not "is') very inspiring :)

  19. Hi Emma - congrats and good luck! I've just popped over and voted [for you of course :) ]

    Tres exciting!

    x Cath

  20. Congratulations for your ideas. All is lovely.
    We share love for crochet, knitting, eating dark chocolate, walking on the beach...
    Nice to meet you. I follow your blog. I have discovered you in ravelry.


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