five 'frozen' things I'm loving right now

Five 'frozen' things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
White Peacock Feather hand embroidered original fiber wall art - HAREandDRUM

I think I'm starting to go snow crazy! When all of this snow and ice first appeared I did mention that I could probably cope with the cold as long as it didn't last too long. But now that we're into the third week of sub zero temperatures I think I'm going snow-ly crazy! There, see what I mean!? One good thing to come from it is that my eye is being drawn to lots of lovely frosty finds on Etsy right now...

Five 'frozen' things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left - michal negrin necklace - sadie olive | stars bn bracelet - NiuTaller | Large Bottle trio - sarapaloma | Sweet Garland - Musical Dream - 3GIRLSandagoat

Another good thing to come from all the icy and snowy pavements is that walking the dog has become quite a workout, seriously my thigh and butt muscles have never had such intensive exercise! By the time it does thaw out I should have a really tight bum, even if everything else is a bit saggy. Ha!

And with that mental image I shall wish you all a very happy Thursday!

Emma, x

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  1. oh the bracelet is cute

  2. Oh, Emma, I'm going a little snow-crazy, too! We've had a bunch recently and I'm already thinking about spring {see my last post, it's full of flowers!} At least the days are starting to get a little longer, slowly, snow-ly :) and we've had some sun...I hope it shines a bit for you, too :)

    And thanks for your little note--can't wait to catch up with you at some point! We had a low-key holiday as well, which was nice! The best to you in 2010!--stay warm!

  3. That necklace is gorgeous. Hope things warm up for you soon, been a couple of months of freezing weather here, trying to get psyched up for it to last a couple more. Stay warm.

  4. hello emma
    lovely finds, especially the necklace from *sadieoliver* (whose shop i am completly in love with)

    stay safe & warm & fingers crossed for a thaw very soon
    sharon xx

  5. lol, your tight bum comment made me laugh. I love the snow but I have to admit I don't enjoy the car journeys to and from work at the moment - it's very scary when you brake and the car just keeps going!

    loving the white finds on etsy, especially the top one.


  6. I do hope you get a some warmer weather coming your way very soon. Does Spanner like the cold? I imagine the whole dog walking scenario could become quite funny at times. Hope your day is lovely.
    Sophie x

    PS. Love that Sadie Olive necklace!

  7. sending you warm wishes and sunny thanks for this beauty emma!

  8. Love these Emma! That peacock feather and the necklace especially!

    I've been reading the temps you've been having over there - and the photos!!! I can't believe it actually!! It's a little bit apocalyptic! So pleased to hear young master is still getting his daily walkies and that it's doing your *ahem* figure good too!

    Happy New Year Emma (and Spanner!) - bring on 2010 and more photos of that glorious boy of yours!!

  9. wonderful things emma...happy new year

  10. Great selection of winter white items. That vintage necklace is to die for.

    Gosh, girl, stay warm!


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