shoptalk : cryptic!

A cryptic clue to my next shop update! Crochet by Emma Lamb

Today I'm being cryptic and colourful! Although I'm not nearly as far along with this project as I wanted to be today, I had hoped to have them finished ready for tomorrow but I've been lacking in motivation this week. The outside world has felt so grey and uninspiring, not one ray of sunshine has poked through the thick clouds...

A cryptic clue to my next shop update! Crochet by Emma Lamb A cryptic clue to my next shop update! Crochet by Emma Lamb A cryptic clue to my next shop update! Crochet by Emma Lamb A cryptic clue to my next shop update! Crochet by Emma Lamb
So absolutely no chance of a decent photographing session! That is unless you have a whole lot of determination, a strong daylight bulb in your desk lamp, a basic knowledge of the macro function on your camera, and then a whole lot of patience for editing the best of what can only be described as an iffy bunch of pics! Et voila! A few cryptic and only slightly iffy pics!

Anyway, I shall tell you more about them next week, along with a shop update and maybe even a giveaway - yay! Here's hoping you all had a far more creative week than I did!?

Emma, x

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  1. If I guess what it is - or they are, do I get a prize? :)
    I think the photos very nice and quite intriguing.

  2. Anyway , these shots has something special, maybe because of their colours ! , I am expecting your new project !!

  3. I know what you mean about horrid grey days- I just found a remedy i have bought 2 large daylight lightbulbs and voila I have buckets of lovely bright white light I have even taken photos in the evening that look like day they only cost £10 each too- I just cant stop taking pictures!

  4. The pics are lovely. This weather is a nightmare but your photos look positively Californian! A x

  5. Gorgeous colours and a 'very' interesting project.

    Nina x

  6. It looks beautiful, whatever it is. I hear you about taking photos. Hopefully we'll have brighter days soon.

  7. I know what you mean about the light....well I hate to brag...BUT today we had sunlight in Cornwall & it was positively Springlike!Did I dash out to frolic in the sunshine? Did I heck...I grabbed my camera & took photos...indoors & even without a flash! LOVE your work & your blog,hope you get your day in the sun soon!

  8. Hope you're feeling more on top of things soon, Emma... same thing here really, but in my case it's the unrelenting heat that is just grinding me down. Funny old world really ;) Looking forward to seeing your project - it looks fabulous :) K

  9. I pop in every day and it's amazing that you are unmotivated this week, yet you motivate so many of are amazing and your blog gives me butterflies.

  10. Emma, your wit is fun to see. Your garden is growing with beautiful glowing colors, even if the light might not be as bright as you'd wish.

    What a pleasure it is to visit here. Cheers!

  11. Yesss, I know these moments.
    Today it's a grey and rainy day in The Netherlands and I don't know where to start.....

    Maybe at the beginning... a new square...?

    ~X~ Karin

  12. Hello! My first visit here... you have such beautiful, inviting place here in blogland, Emma :o) I knit and am an accessories desinger... still a novice crocheter. So you crochet here inspires... I look forward to stopping by again. Happy Weekend!

  13. Don't know what it is but it DOES love lovely! :)


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