colour your new year happy...

...with a warming mix of rainbow of colours!

...015 by sweet sweet life...

...* by aixxx... apt by mialiv...

...bunting. by xanthe berkeley...

...DSC03798 by all over print... i find myself lusting after lots of warm and cosy colour combinations ~ it is still freezing here with lots of snow and ice, even the daytime temperatures are below zero and my hot water bottle has never felt so loved! so whilst cradling a hot cup of tea this morning i spent some time catching up with the 'all colours in' pool and found these beauties. i so wish i could be tucked up under mialiv's beautiful blanket with a few of aixxx's yummy looking asian jellies!

...and thank you so much to every one who left lovely holiday and new year wishes!
...although our festive plans to visit family were thwarted by the sub zero weather conditions, we still had a lovely restful time ~ lots of yummy food and wine (without over indulging for a change!), lots of cosy nights in with movies, very little work and very little time spent in cyber land...
...but now it's a new year and time to dust of those cogs and get the creative juices flowing for some fresh ideas... :)

...wishing you all the most wonderful year, i hope 2010 is everything you want it to be and more!



  1. Sounds like a great holiday, all tucked up and cozy. That is a beautiful blanket, and I love the big bowl of yarn.

  2. New Year Greetings to you as well, Emma!

    Looking forward to more delightful blog posts from you :) The pictures are always stunning.

  3. Sounds so delightful lovely lady!

    I adore the little clothes pin people, they caught a bit of my heart! Good pic. and Picture:P

    Happy New Year Lovely!

  4. A very happy new year to you too!
    Love all this delightful colour. Especially as we are having the same weather as you!

  5. Dear Emma
    Just to wish you a Merry Winter. Sounds like you had a peaceful Christmas, I quite enjoyed being snowed in, we missed out on Santa arriving by Barge at Snape Maltings but I think we would have frozen by the river anyway. Thankyou for the Rainbow colours.

  6. Wishing you all the best for 2010. I'm sure I could over indulge on those * candies! Love the crochet blanket too. Hope you are getting some nicer weather now! :)

  7. The blanket folded next to the yarn basket made me swoon a little bit. Good thing I'm sitting down.

  8. Happy New Year Emma, lovely to see you back in blog land and so nice to hear about your festivities. I'm sending your plenty of warm vibes from here in very warm and sunny Mildura. Can't wait to see what you have in store in 2010!
    Sophie x

  9. Dolls are beautiful and happy new year 1010.

  10. I'd love to hang out in mialiv's new apartment with it's cozy blanket and comforting bowl of yarn.

  11. Ohh, super images, Emma! The colors make me instant happy! :)
    Wihs you & your hook the best for 2010! May we see many beautiful things! :)

  12. Dear Emma
    I have just discovered your blog, which I love, and through you have discovered 'Sweet, Sweet Life' also. I love your blog design, which I realize is with Blogger. Do you use a particular template? I would like to have 2 large columns to write in, but can't find on Typepad? I love the simplicity of your style and all the space you leave between. I'm a new blogger and have a lot to learn! I've put you and SSL on my blog of the week. Do you normally ask permission before showing the work of other people, as a matter of courtesy? Anyway, wishing you a wonderful 2010 - I will be a regular visitor to your blog!
    Martina x

  13. dearest e,

    a happiest of happy new years to you my dear... i see good things for you in 2010 (i sound like i have a crystal ball don't i!) and am looking forward to seeing what they are :)

    love your colorful choices for today and yes, me too!!!! i'm lusting after that blanket, it's just beautiful. i have serious blanket envy going on these days!!!

    Tif x

  14. Welcome back my dear and I just know that 2010 will be a good year for us all!! It sounds so cosy where you are... xx


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