colour your monday happy...

...Organic Cotton Crochet Flowers ~ Annie Design...

...Crochet Blankets ~ vw camper hire...

...Multi Granny Squares ~ london mummy...

...ripple blanket ~ kec19...

...granny squares ~ mialiv... has been the most lovely crochet filled weekend, making a huge pile of flowers, and squares, and roses, and all kinds of pretty things! i had a lovely wee crocheting 'epiphany' last week and have busied myself with making it a reality, but it's not quite there yet so i have to make you wait a wee bit longer... :) today i thought i would share some of the wonderful crochet images that have been added to the 'all colours in' pool. crochet is possibly the most popular theme in the pool with seventeen pages (over 400 images!) coming up when i did a wee search this morning! so if you're in need of some inspiration, or even motivation to get on with your own crocheted yummy-ness (i know i have a neglected ripple blanket that still needs it's ends weaving!), then pop on over for a wee peek... :)

...wishing you all a colourful and creative week!


  1. beautiful! feeling all creative now and in need of some colour, thanks! can't wait to see the result of your crocheting epiphany :)

  2. Loving all those blankets piled up like that. I would love to have to pick one out of that pile!

    Hope you are having a great weekend too. I have started another crochet project, but will have to see if it works out first before I share! :)

  3. craziness! now to add to my lifetime list I MUST add crochet to my 'to-dos!
    i want to make them all! GORGEOUS!


  4. Mmm... so much lovely stuff in your all colours in pool. I've always loved those snailtrail blankets too :)

  5. This collection is so zingy! The colors could inspire anyone to pick up that crochet hook and yarns. I've been knitting a lot since the New Year, after crocheting lots of Christmas gifts ... good to switch back and forth between the techniques.

    Your site is always an uplifting place to visit. Many thanks!

  6. Gorgeous, just what I needed first thing on a Monday morning. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

  7. you make me wanna get my crochet hooks out and start a granny blanket, really!

  8. Lovely work! Beautifully done!


    You can visit me at

  9. Wirklich sehr schön!! :)

    Liebe Grüsse

  10. I love these posts. It's candy for my eyes. The colors are simply stunning.


  11. Hi Emma, what a wonderful post! Just what I needed!

  12. What a wonderful colourful explosion to wake up to! Thank you Emma - just fabulous. I've been practicing my crochet hexagons while on holiday and this is just the inspiration I need to get back to them. Lovely lovely post, as always. Kx

  13. Love, just love all the COLORS! This is so inspiring! Where is my crochet hook?????

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  14. These images are absolutely beautiful, I love the colours of the ripple blanket.

  15. just love all the colours and textures

  16. Just absolutely beautiful! -Every bit of it!

  17. Oh all those beautiful colours and those blankets, it makes me want to crochet 24/7 to get mine finished and begin on the next one! Wonderful inspiring post Emma!
    Sophie x

  18. Just lovely. I checked out the flickr pages AMAZING. :)

  19. ¡que de colores!
    un abrazo,

  20. I love your Flickr group! It's such a happy place to hang out! :)


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