etsy favourites : a warming glow

I couldn't believe my luck last night when I checked the treasury clock and it declared that the treasury west would be 'opening soon'. Of course I dropped everything and hot footed it over there only to find that soon actually meant not in the next hour at least! So being a good girl I decided to get a wee bit of the housework done while I waited, rather than window shopping on Etsy which I probably do far too much of anyway! So anyway, about an hour later with a much tidier house and only two minutes to spare I sat myself down with a cuppa, bagged myself a treasury and spent a very lovely hour browsing Etsy and picking my favourites, arranging and rearranging until I was happy with this seasonal and cosy collection. Simple pleasures!

Emma, x

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  1. I'm not quite sure I understand what the Treasury is all about and having to wait for it... but these are lovely images all the same :)

  2. Gorgeous selection Emma. I find the Spinthread pieces in particular so inspirational... just lovely. Thank you :) K

  3. Stunning selection, well done on being patient and actually doing housework whilst you waiting...

  4. you are a wizard at this. I have not much idea how the whole thing works!!

  5. i love it when i get a treasury! meant to try to do that today, but i spent the day running around with my little one instead. there's always another treasury!


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