colour your monday happy...

...with 100% beautiful bokeh baby!

...beebo wallace...




...Kamy Lisy...

...i have another confession ~ i absolutely adore multicoloured bokeh images! do you know, since i started these 'colour your monday happy' posts i've been waiting ever so patiently to dedicate a whole post to them!?

...i especially love ones like these with deep velvety black backgrounds that make the colours really zing. i find them completely mesmerising, almost hypnotic. i really could spend hours looking at them, appreciating their abstract quality, colour and texture. the way you would spend time in a gallery soaking up every detail and subtlety of a fabulous painting or sculpture. don't get me wrong, i'm not going so far as to describe them as masterpieces! i just find them beautiful and inspiring... :)

...also, i think they are most fitting for the festive season as these ones especially could be pretty christmas lights twinkling in the dark... ;)

...remember, if you need more monday inspiration pop over to 'all colours in' with a cuppa and a biccy!



  1. Oh! Emma I'm with you!! These really appeal to my love of colour and twinkle!! the new layout - absolutely gorgeous and very very pleased to see your wee fella gets a piccie - very important - and thank you, thank you for popping my drawing in your Etsy picks!!!

    Have a lovely week!!

  2. a perfect collection of wonder filled light emma!

  3. I'd never heard of bokeh before, but it is fabulous, like squinting your eyes at the lights as a child. The second and third images are particularly awesome.

    I love your header too. It is very sweet and arty. :)

  4. thank you so uch my lovelies! i'm so pleased i'm not the only one loving the bokeh... ;)

    Sam, i thought i should add a pic of the wee man so everyone can get their fix if they need it, especially over the winter as he doesn't do much more than sleeping, eating and reluctantly going for walks! but i'm sure he will come to life over the holidays and i can get some 'festive' snaps of him... ;)


  5. These are some great images!
    Thanks for including mine :)

  6. hi emma-- i rarely get time to comment or look at all the wonderful blogs i love-- but i saw all of the sparkling color beckoning me from the dashboard page--- really super images-- perfect for your colour your monday post-- or actually colouring my wednesday at this point! cheers-- and hope you have as sparkling and lovely a holiday as the luminous images you've posted!

  7. Absolutely love the sparkle of Christmas lights from distant view. Pretty!



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