colour your monday happy...

...with sparkly vintage baubles and festive handmade ornaments...


...such pretty things...


...dottie angel...

...rikrak creations...

...have you noticed that this is possibly the best time of the year for getting the creative juices flowing and coming up with lots of new crafting ideas!? everyone becomes so inventive when faced with another year of decking the halls and making our homes all sparkly and pretty for the holidays...
...there's such a wonderful buzz on flickr with so many lovely pics of this years crafty christmas project and these are just a few of my faves from 'all colours in'. i have been admiring these retro felt decorations by rikrak for weeks, but what i'm really lusting after is a set of my very own of vintage mercury glass baubles. i've seen so many on etsy but they're all in the US and i'm too chicken to have them shipped here, i couldn't bear the thought of them been smashed to smithereens! instead i'll just have to keep my eyes peeled in my local charity shops and hopefully some will turn up one day... :)

...until then i should really get busy with my other festive project, instead of getting distracted with diy projects of the paint stripping variety, which is in no way festive and is certainly way too tough on upper arm muscles i never knew i had... !



  1. Beautiful festive inspiration!!!

  2. So much colour and inspiration! You're right Emma - I find the creative juices keep wanting to flow but I can't indulge them at the moment I'm afraid! Loving your wonderful inspirations :) K

  3. Those felt decorations are amazing.

    I can hardly get my head around how much crafty christmas stuff is out there but there's almost too much for me to take in and then I get sad because I can't find the time or the money to make all these crafty things!

    Next year'll be the crafty christmas to end all crafty christmasses!

  4. This a deliciously inspiring post! I've just found your blog via your flickr page, and I'm so glad I have. I'll be back to visit often! xo Gigi


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