weekend inspiration : a touch of 'glee'

I think a wee pick me up with some weekend inspiration from Flickr, is the perfect way to round off the week. Somehow I always find a few minutes for browsing Flickr, updating groups and adding lots of pretty pics to my favourites, but it's been a wee while since I've been able to indulge myself by playing with the mosaic maker. Today I have treated myself to just that and looking through my favourites I found these lovelies...

a touch of 'glee', Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. decor8, 2. dottie angel, 3. *piou*, 4. lobster and swan, 5. sandra juto, 6. simplygrove, 7. the purl bee, 8. hrsmithjones, 9. super ninon

I think my favourite colour combination has to be these non-colours (cream, white, grey, beige and black) with lovely snippets of red, olive, mustard, teal and orange. I can't help combining them in my crochet work and I love seeing them being applied so beautifully in these images. Especially in this gorgeous festive door ornament that Miss Tif (aka ~ dottie angel) posted on her blog yesterday as part of her 'week of glee'. Miss Tif was also lovely enough to tell all of how she made this 'cluster of glee' in her post.

cluster of glee door ornament by dottie angel

If I can find a few odd balls of yarn that I'm willing to part with I shall definitely be adding a wee bit of festive, granny chic 'glee' to my studio.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Emma, x

ps - Thank you to the lovely Lucy, of Attic24, for metioning me in her granny chic post! Oh, and a warm welcome to all the new faces who have stopped by my wee corner of blogland in the last few days, it's really lovely to meet you all... :)

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  1. Such soft and mutedly festive picks, Emma :) Congrats on the blog feature...(Every time I stop by here I'm amazed--you have at least 20 new followers !)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Such beautiful things, thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Oh how gorgeous and inspiring! I'm off to buy some yarn and get into the crochet Christmas spirit! I'm also delighted to have found and joined your beautiful granny chic group! So lovely.
    Sophie x

  4. These are so lovely!! Just beautiful :)
    Love Tif's touch of glee too! K

  5. oh miss e, i do like what i find today... your mosaic as always leaves me quite 'gleeful'. you have such a talent with that sort of thing.
    and your new layout and colors, along with the banner up top is perfectly wonderful :)

    i'm most impressed with your level of inspiring and dare i say it, gleeful activity :)

  6. Gorgeous mosaic of pics Emma...
    Thanks for sharing the link to the 'cluster of glee' will definitely pop over and check it out...

    Take Care :)

  7. Dear Emma...
    love your gleeful mosaic...
    and loved even more seeing my name next to yours over on attic24...
    I am a tad overwhelmed by it all thou...
    I am not use to getting so many comments...
    Hope your weekend if filled with lots more "glee"...

  8. There, I went and forgot to add...
    LOVE your new banner!!!

  9. Hope you're having a wonderful, restful, peacecful weekend Emma, and that your Man is on the mend.
    I have to tell you i've been having a ball reading through your archives.your blog and creativity is a true delight.
    Oh, and you are very welcome for the mention over in the Attic, I'm reeeeeeaaaaalllllly happy to have found you and the Granny Chic/All colours in groups, it has been a hugely inspiring and uplifting experience to tiptoe through so much visual lovliness.


  10. Just a lovely collection of images!! And LOVE the new banner too <3

  11. thank you so much for the mosaic love... :)

    and for all your enthusiastic comments about the new 'look' for my wee blog! i'm really pleased you all like it because i absolutely love it... i think the reason i'm so pleased with it is because it's the first time i've gone into the html page and started poking around myself ~ i used to pester my man to do it for me!

    i hope you all had a better weekend than i did!?



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