a quiet day

A quiet day / Crochet photography by Emma Lamb

I'm having a quiet day today, actually we're all having a quiet day today.

It is raining relentlessly outside, the park was flooded this morning and the wee man almost refused to go for his walk at all. He hates getting wet, he hates getting his paws wet especially! But for some reason only drinks from a puddle if he's stood right in the middle of it! Don't ask me, I've got no idea how his wee brain works sometimes!? But he endured, and after his twenty minute ordeal he was dried off, popped in his bed with a blanket over him and is now happily snoozing away the afternoon...

A quiet day / Crochet photography by Emma Lamb

He's not the only one, we also have my man at home today. He's also snoozing away the afternoon, but not the good kind of afternoon snooze that is usually enjoyed on a lazy sunday afternoon. No, he's feeling extremely sorry for himself and very poorly indeed as he was up all night worshipping the 'porcelain gods' with some nasty winter vomiting bug, ugh!

And me? Well, I'm feeling a wee bit fuzzy around the edges today, a wee bit sleepy and a lot like I don't want to do very much at all. I've got a pile of crocheting to do but I think that can wait a littel while, instead I have pottered about here on my blog.

A quiet day / Crochet photography by Emma Lamb

At first I thought of just tweaking a few things, doing a bit of tidying up and rearranging, but before I knew it I was redesigning, paring back and de-cluttering. I know I did a wee re-vamp just the other week but I wasn't perfectly happy with it, it still felt cluttered and fussy. Sso this morning, after pondering over the 'look' I really wanted to achieve, I came to this layout. Lots of clean lines an lots of white interspersed with splashes of yummy colours!

A quiet day / Crochet photography by Emma Lamb

I think there is probably a wee bit more tweaking to be done, some of those widgets aren't sitting as nicely as I'd like and some of them may get the boot all together. I think I'll look at again in a few days with fresh eyes and a much less sleepy head. Even then I'm sure there will be some wee niggle that I won't be able to leave alone...

Emma, x

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  1. Hey Miss Emma--sorry to hear things are a bit rainy and fuzzy and buggy over at your place :( Hope everyone feels better soon!

    And I love your new blog banner--I think I prefer it to the one you had before. Everything else looks great, too :)

  2. Guess what i am drinking? Peppermint teeeaaaa! Lovely blog i will add you to my reader :o)

  3. Oh you made me laugh with your puddle story! We've had that bug come through here too, thankfully not me personally ;) Hope all are feeling better and more on top of things too. Love the sound of your revamp - it's a funny thing we do, isn't it? Your new banner looks gorgeous and I really love the soft focus photos too :) K

  4. Hello from a first time viewer who found you via Lucy at Attic 24.

    As a fellow crocheter amongst other interests, I do like what you show and tell, and will visit you again.

  5. Mmmm... I've heard about the rain there at the moment. Sounds terrible. Hope your man gets better soon. I know how that feels coping with terrible morning sickness at the mo... going crazy. And I'm cranky too... had a fight with the postman this morning in two different languages that neither of us understood. Neighbours had to intervene... great!!! Love the blurry pics :)

  6. thank you my lovelies, i'm so pleased you like the new look and blog banner, i'm quite chuffed with it myself... :)

    and things are better here today, the rain has eased and my man is feeling much better and should be back to normal in a day or two.

    thankfully we haven't had any flooding which is causing havoc in the lake district. but the next few days are forecast for continous rain again, so there will be more problems yet...

    at least i'll be able to hid in the house most of the weekend and catch up with some crocheting...

    i hope you all have a better weekend... :)


  7. beautiful beautiful crochet :)


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