colour your monday happy...

...and feast your eyes on all this wonderful colour and pattern!

...tinytoadstool from dadaya...



...sandra juto...

...all over print...

...there are so many things i could say about each image in today's collection...

~ those tights are just amazing!
~ the colours of this dress are just perfectly muted vintage loveliness!
~ who wouldn't want a bookshelf, or even an entire library, of such gorgeous patterned books!?
~ who can resist a wee bit of fabric shopping with prints and colours as gorgeous as this!?
~ and why oh why have i not yet learned how to quilt when i could be making something this delicious!?

...if you're still hungry for more yummy-ness pop over to 'all colours in' and gorge yourself silly... ;)
...if that's still not enough then you should definitely check out the print and pattern blog ~ it's one of my absolute faves and a must if you're in need of some inspiration for the week...



  1. Oh, so much fun. My five year old just walked by and said she wanted those tights, and I love all the patterned books.

  2. Lovely, cheerful selections, as always! I love those tights...
    ps--got your note, will write soon!
    pps--if you have a minute, I just did my first edition of Bohemian Mondays ;)

  3. Always a treat to stop by and see what treasures you have found to share. Happy Monday indeed!

  4. wow, i LOVE these pictures!!! fantastic post emma :)


  5. hi, i love the tights .. and i love your colour happy mondays, warm wishes

  6. I enjoyed your shares today, so much

  7. i love all of those patterns. this collection of photos is great--it makes me smile!

  8. I just feel so colouredly happy now :) What a wonderful selection, Emma! I'm just off to explore the Flickr set now - what a treat :) K

  9. what glorious images for my eyes this day ~ thanks!

  10. yay! i'm so pleased you all liked this weeks collection, especially those fabulous tights... who wouldn't want several pairs of them in as many different colourways!?


  11. love love the tights and love your handmade garlands...your blog is such a treat...



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