colour your monday happy...

...and banish those winter blues!

...wood (& wool) x-mas tree by wood & wool stool...

...The Nomad by *Dragonfly*...

...Sunburst Afghan by welshkaren...

...Orange and blue by kitschcafe...

...It's all about perspective by Johan & Natasja...

...good luck charms by ATLITW...

...i'm being completely self indulgent with these images today simply because i'm in need of a bit of warmth and 'a wee pick me up', i'm feeling very chilly and would have very much loved to spend the whole day under my duvet ~ but as it's monday and i'm far too disciplined for my own good, here i am bringing you a wee bit of inspiration for the week :)

(also, there's no one here to bring me tea and biscuits in bed as the wee man has been very stubborn and, despite my best attempts, has refused to learn this command... yet!) anyway, i chose this beautiful wee collection because they fill me with such a sense of cosy warmth, and in turn i'm feeling quite motivated to tackle a big pile of yarn that i have lots of crocheting plans for!

...oh, and i would love to see some of edinburgh's old tenement buildings painted in those gorgeous oranges and blues of kitcshcafe's pic, how yummy would that be!?

...if you're in need of more colour and warmth head on over to 'all colours in' with a steaming hot cuppa and maybe a biccy, or two!



  1. Lovely picks, as usual, Emma--the good luck charms in the last photo are so pretty :) Stay warm!

  2. Very lovely - I especially love the Afghan sunburst (bed) cover - the colours are so nice!! Thank you for reminding me what a handsome boy Spanner is with that link! :) Have a terrific week - hope it's not too cold!

  3. Omg, I want that afghan! I've still only done TWO of my granny squares!! There are never enough hours in the day, you know!


  4. Just gorgeous photos! Love them all. I'm melting from intense heat here and would give just about anything at the moment for a wee bit of chilly weather! ;) Hope you find your patch of warmth! K x

  5. Ivy, i'm loving those good luck charms too... and if you love those you will love Jane's shop too ~

    oh Sam and Amy... i totally agree with you, i adore this blanket so much, how cosy would it be!? it makes me feel warm just looking at it... :)

    and Kylie, please can i swap places with you!? i'd take the heat over trying to type with numb fingers any day... ;)


  6. Lovely photos ! love the first one !!


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